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June 2007

Blog Torrent - Simplified bittorrent by Downhill Battle

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For Your Blog or Website Download Blog Torrent for Your Website Blog Torrent works on any website with PHP and is easier to install than blogging software-- just upload, no database configuration required. Installation Instructions Blog Torrent Live Demo For Downloading Torrents BT for Windows | BT for OSX Trying to download something with a .torrent file? After you install the Blog Torrent program, you can use it to open torrent files from any website.

May 2007

SpinVox Ltd. - Homepage

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We believe that communicating should be natural. Sending messages should be as simple as speaking them. Receiving messages should be as easy as seeing them on screen, and replying as effortless as a click.

April 2007

ThinkFree Viewer

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# Bloggers can now easily add live ThinkFree or Microsoft Office documents to their blog sites by simply attaching a document to any article they write. # Why is this so cool? Imagine running a full-screen presentation from a blog, or playing with numbers in spreadsheet to display different scenarios in a graph or chart. # At this point in time WordPress is the only supported blog. We plan to add others soon.

January 2007

flikzor - flik back!

flikzor is a fresh new take on social interaction. Instead of typing to your friends, you can now send and receive video comments (fliks) on your MySpace profile, Blogger blog, and pretty much anywhere you can paste HTML. Don't have a web cam? No biggie. You can record audio with your mic or simply let others send you messages.