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26 January 2007

Measure Map

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Measure Map helps you understand what people do at your blog, and what influence you are having on the world. * Easily navigate the numbers that matter * Track links to see who sends you traffic * Find out what people do at your site * Setup is a breeze — it only takes a minute

23 January 2007

Clicky Web Statistics, perfect for blogs | Clicky

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Have you ever wondered who actually visits your web site and just what exactly it is that they do on it? Existing solutions are nice when you want a general picture, but what if you wanted to track individual users, to see where they came from, what they did, and how long they stuck around? Clicky is your solution! It's designed for blogs but works great with any web site! Clicky is completely free right now, although we do plan on charging a very reasonable fee after we leave beta.

22 January 2007


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MuseStorm provides services that are built on top of dynamic Web data such as RSS feeds and Web APIs. We believe that the Internet is radically changing and that data-driven Web applications are going to revolutionize the Web as we know it. MuseStorm Widget Engine and Distribution Service MuseStorm's flagship service, the MuseStorm Widget engine and distribution service, is an enterprise-grade service for publishers who realize the importance of the emerging social media revolution. The service enables publishers to easily distribute their content to millions of blogs, social networks and websites while keeping track of distribution and effectiveness. MuseStorm Developer Data Gateway MuseStorm provides developers with a service that greatly simplifies the creation of data-driven AJAX applications. Our servers aggregate data from multiple Web APIs and RSS feeds; Using our AJAX components developers with no AJAX or API knowledge can create amazing data-driven applications.