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June 2007 - free file sharing and storage

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Free online storage Upload, access, share your music, video, photos Upload and share single file or entire folder

KoffeePhoto - photo sharing

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KoffeePhoto - Free photo sharing software Organize your photos, share your albums on the web and store them without limits! KoffeePhoto photo sharingKoffeePhoto is free software that helps you organize your photo albums and share them with your friends. KoffeePhoto offers a free Web Space allowing you to browse and share your pictures wherever you are! You can also set-up outstanding full-screen slideshows including background music ready to be streamed to your friends. Your friends can add comments turning your albums into community spaces. KoffeePhoto stores all your original pictures on its secure and private peer-to-peer storage network, providing access to the photos in their native resolution anytime and anywhere. KoffeePhoto runs on Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X and Linux.

Cleversafe Open Source Community

by 9 others is an open source community creating software for dispersed data storage

May 2007

Beehive: CobWeb

CobWeb is a next-generation content distribution network that can deliver web pages quickly to clients through a peer-to-peer cache. It uses the Beehive replication framework to provide a high performance web hosting service while consuming near-minimal storage and bandwidth at each participating node. CobWeb operates as a ring of cooperative caching proxy servers, each of which is capable of serving any HTTP request. When web objects are requested, they are fetched from their origin servers and inserted into the system. Through an analysis of web object popularity, size, and update rate, CobWeb then computes an optimal replication strategy for each object to provide low lookup latency. CobWeb is available for public use. On the server side, directing HTTP requests from your servers to CobWeb can reduce bandwidth demand on your servers, protect against flash crowds, and help alleviate denial of service attacks. On the client side, directing HTTP requests from your browser through CobWeb will speed up web surfing.

MediaMax, powered by Streamload - Free Online Storage - Share Videos and Photos - Online MP3 Access

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MediaMax, powered by Streamload, gives you a private and secure place to upload, store, access, and share your personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files. * Store files securely on the web. Get 25 GBs of FREE online storage. * Access your files from any web browser. * Share all your files quickly and easily, without file size restrictions. * Host videos, audio, images and more on the web. * Backup your files and data safely and reliably.

fluxiom - capture, manage, access and deliver content across your enterprise

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File Chaos Solved fluxiom makes it easy to organize and share your digital assets within your company, your colleagues and friends. Manage any kind of file like corporate media assets, marketing materials, product folders, contracts, images, text documents, logos or artwork – you name it.

Omnidrive: Free Online Storage, Sharing and Publishing Platform for Desktop and Web - Omnidrive Mac Client!

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Omnidrive Online Storage and Access Omnidrive is an online storage platform that allows you to store your files online and access them from anywhere with the speed of desktop storage. With Omnidrive you can access, edit and share your files from anywhere with just a web browser! General Info

Xvid is a video codec for PC, whereas codec is an abbreviation for [co]der/[dec]oder, hence describes a program to encode and decode digital video. The purpose of encoding video data is to reduce redundancies – that means to make it smaller for faster transmission over computer networks or for more efficient storage on computer disks. Hence, Xvid can somewhat be seen as a ZIP for video. But unlike ZIP, Xvid is not lossless. That means that a video after compression and decompression with Xvid won't be identical to the original source. Typically however, a difference to the source is visually imperceptible. So Xvid removes information that is not important for human perception, which is somewhat similar to MP3 for audio. This enables very high compression rates that allow to effectively work with digital video on home computers at all. To give an example: uncompressed digital video is huge and requires about 100 GB per hour at PAL resolution. The same video would require just 500 MB per hour at very high quality when compressed with Xvid. That is a compression ratio of 200:1. Xvid is Free Software and released under the GNU GPL license. This means that the source code of the software is publically available and programmers are allowed to make modifications to the code. Also, redistribution of Xvid is permitted but only under the terms of the GPL license.

steekr : your secured online space

# Store your music ,your pictures, your videos and all your personal files online. # Play and listen to your digital files directly in your browser. # Share your files with your friends or relatives.

Ceedo - Extend Yourself - Home

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With Ceedo Personal, the comfort of your desktop environment is never farther than your own pocket. Easily installed on any portable storage gadget you choose – whether it’s a thumb drive, an iPod, or a pocket hard drive – Ceedo Personal allows you to enjoy the convenience and productivity of your personal work space on any host PC.

JungleDisk - Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3 ™ - Jungle Disk

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Jungle Disk is an application that lets you store files and backup data securely to's S3 ™ Storage Service. * Store an unlimited amount of data for only 15¢ per gigabyte * No monthly subscription fee, no startup fee, no commitment * Your data is fully encrypted at all times * Data is stored at multiple datacenters around the country for high availability * Access files directly from Windows Explorer, Mac OSX Finder, and Linux * Automatically back up your important files quickly and easily

March 2007

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Simply download Netineo and by a few clicks, your web TV is alive. Try it out and share your content with all the world. Download Now - Free! Features: * Support any video & audio content * Support any IP devices (compatible with webcam USB, camera IP and TV tuner) * No limit for content number and size * No need for installing other application * Using user’s PC as server * Internet connection mandatory * 3 steps to make your web TV alive, taking less than one minute * Automatic HTML web link and code generation * No cost for bandwidth or storage

Secure File Storage and Sharing –

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# store backup copies of important files and documents off-site # share files with family & friends, or with work colleagues # backup your laptop while traveling # access your files from anywhere

January 2007

November 2006

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