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June 2007

Mosoto- Share. Chat. Discover

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Mosoto is a new way to share and connect with your facebook friends. With Mosoto you can easily share files, chat with friends and discover people and media in your social network. Because Mosoto is built ontop of Facebook your friends and social network are already here. Mosoto is streaming social media.


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Bitzi is a metadata publishing company based in San Francisco. Our primary publication is Bitpedia, the digital media encyclopedia. Bitpedia is a community-built collection of the best available identifying, descriptive, and editorial metadata about all kinds of digital files. We collect this metadata from volunteer contributors, customers, and public sources, and manage processes which improve the metadata's reliability and usefulness over time. Bitpedia metadata is then published in a wide variety of formats. You can think of Bitpedia as the "card catalog" for the heavenly jukebox, holding information about any and every media file that is ever reported to us – not just the files available on the web, or through any particular service, or through any particular sharing/distribution network.

April 2007


Mix your media with professional video, images, music, and network your MixerCast everywhere.

Alors vous voulez devenir betatesteur...

Vous êtes passionné. Vous avez investi sans compter dans votre passion. Vous avez acquis une réelle notoriété. Vous souhaitez maintenant passer à l'étape suivante en devenant plus visible. Obiwi vous propose de participer à l'aventure de la création d'un magazine Internet couvrant votre passion. L'équipe d'Obiwi, ce sont des professionnels des médias qui vous aident à créer le meilleur contenu texte, audio ou vidéo dans l‚'environnement idéal, celui d'une marque reconnue par ses utilisateurs.

February 2007

January 2007

VUVOX - Your Visual Voice

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VUVOX is an easy to use production and instant sharing service that enables you to create personal expression channels using your own digital media – video, photos and music. VUVOX reflects your life. Your expression can be an evolving story that is shared with a world-wide audience or a fast update to your network of friends about your daily life. You can constantly update your channels by posting from your online or mobile connection points.

RatePoint: People Powered Ratings

RatePoint is a place for you and your friends to rate and review your favorite places on the web. | Popular Music

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iJigg is the place for you to find those rare addictive tunes from musicians worldwide. As an iJigg member, you can submit music, rate music and chime in on conversations.

flikzor - flik back!

flikzor is a fresh new take on social interaction. Instead of typing to your friends, you can now send and receive video comments (fliks) on your MySpace profile, Blogger blog, and pretty much anywhere you can paste HTML. Don't have a web cam? No biggie. You can record audio with your mic or simply let others send you messages. - Redefining the Media

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Approval Process for Media on Once you have uploaded your media to LiveLeak it will be entered into a queue for it to be approved for public viewing by a member of staff. We aim to approve media within 1 hour of upload. What does approval mean? Basically an approved video or image will be shown on the public areas of If media is not approved this DOES NOT mean it has been deleted. Should your media not be approved you will still see it in your media list and it can still be visible within either your group or a group you have submitted it to. You can share the link to the media anywhere on the net and it will be visible. The only place it will not be shown is the ‘browse media' section of the site. Points are not awarded for media which is not approved. Our criteria for approval is really quite simple and this is intended, not as censorship as your media is still available, but rather to root out obvious reposts, flooding for points, and to keep quality high on the public areas. How does the point system work? The point system is designed to motivate our users to deliver positive contributions to LiveLeak. Below you can find the point system details: Info Points Account creation 10 Adding comment 0.04 Adding media item 1.5 Media item becoming featured 75 Below are actions that will lead to no point rewards/point subtraction. If a comment or media item falls under these classifications, all (initial) points related to the media item/comment will be removed. Media item is repost 0 Media item is propaganda 0 Media item is bad (*) -1 Media item is spam -2 Comment is propaganda 0 Comment is bad (*) -0.1 Comment is spam -2

Mochila - The Media Marketplace

Founded in 2001 as a publishing automation software company, today Mochila is an online content marketplace for publishers, editors, creators and advertisers. Designed to be first to market, Mochila leverages the power of the Internet to facilitate the acquisition and sale of high quality content that includes articles, photography and soon video and audio.

Top 10 Sources

Top 10 Sources brings you the best of rich media content from the Web, drawing from blogs, podcasts, video, and mainstream media. Created by our staff and “Citizen Editors,” each page offers a top selection of user generated content on subjects important to you.


First there were free homepages. Then blogs. Then social networking. All of these allow people to create, publish and experience media on the Web. But until now, there’s been no way for people without a lot of technical experience to easily create and publish their own multimedia content for mobile devices. Today, anyone can participate in the future of media. Welcome to Mogopop Mogopop is a free web-based service where members and visitors can create, publish and download multimedia content for iPod. This content that can incorporate audio, video, pictures, podcasts, text – whatever our members’ minds can imagine, they can create. Mogopop downloads are like mini-Websites for iPod that anyone can enjoy. Our members create it, everyone enjoys it. mogopop

December 2006


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Every one of us is an expert on something. Chances are, through trial and error, hard work, or blind luck, you have learned something practical. Something that has helped make your life a little easier. It saved you time. It saved you money. Maybe it saved your marriage; maybe your life. What you discovered is too helpful to keep to yourself. You want to share it. You think, "Others should benefit from this." Maybe you can even profit from it. Now you can. Welcome to Daytipper. Every day, content is added to this site that has helped someone before. The content here can help you. The editorial staff at Daytipper does not create the content found on this site. People like you do.


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# View different networks in one place Spokeo supports MySpace, Xanga, Friendster, Youtube, and many other websites. # Browse faster Our unique interface allows you to easily read hundreds of friends' blogs, photos and videos 24/7. # Increase your readers Watch your readership grow as visitors become subscribers.

November 2006

WAYN.COM - Log your trips - see whos where - make new friends

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# Meet people who will be in the same place as you! # Keep a log of your past, present and future travels # See where your friends are and what they are up to? # Keep your friends informed of your whereabouts # Share experiences, trip details, photos, journals... # Use Mail, SMS, chatboards, and instant messenger

If you're not on Gather, you're not part of the conversation. Who belongs on Gather? Everyone -- from professional authors to first-time writers, photographers to bloggers and beyond. Gather is a place to connect over common interests and passions, to engage in dialog or share different viewpoints. And we're always open to member suggestions about how to best improve the site. The content on Gather is dynamic and engaging. All content is tracked with tags, a living index of everything published on Gather. Tags help members browse to find people, groups, articles, images, and more on-topic. And whatever topic interests you, you're sure to find plenty of related content on Gather. Click on a Tag to Explore You can participate on Gather at any level you wish: read and be enlightened, publish content, or comment on other members' work. Many find that the most meaningful interaction comes from not just reading or publishing, but adding to the conversation. This creates a lively setting for exchanging information and ideas

BuzzLogic: The Science of Influence

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Influence moves markets. It’s a basic tenet of marketing. But until now, it’s been impossible to understand influence -- and who wields it -- within specific conversations taking place in social media. BuzzLogic changes this dynamic by uniquely defining and measuring influence in social media, and by surfacing the key influencers who are shaping and defining markets, issues and reputations. Through the lens of influence, BuzzLogic provides a means for marketing and communications practitioners to engage with social media in order to manage their brands, reputations, products and customer relationships. As a result, the confusion that has characterized social media is replaced by clarity – marketers can make sense of the conversations they care about. And they can do something about them. At BuzzLogic, our mission is to apply the science of influence to the world of social media. This requires keen insight into dynamic conversational networks, a methodology premised on the idea that influence is in and of itself dynamic, and an ability to identify which participants in conversations are gaining or losing influence over time. This is very different than “blogger A-lists” or other imprecise measures that can identify only who is popular, but not who is influential. And it is very different from the brand monitoring and analysis services that can describe what a small sample of bloggers was thinking a few weeks ago, not what is happening right now. Only BuzzLogic brings both clarity and confidence to action in social media. BuzzLogic’s service enables brand and product marketing managers, corporate communications professionals, market researchers and customer service managers to actively monitor conversations that are taking place around their company, brand, products or competitors. They can quickly identify who the most influential participants of a conversation are. And they can engage with them to offer an alternative point of view, amplify key points or set the record straight. Once they are participants themselves in a conversation, they can then follow, track and understand the impact of their actions

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