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03 December 2006 15:00


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Lijit Networks is developing a better way to search for information In real-life, people seek out advice from friends, co-workers, family, professionals, etc. Content is vetted though these social connections reducing the number of possibilities, and filtering for local relevance. This filtering is complex and it evolves through our entire lives. It is shaped by the experiences we have, the people we know, and the path that we take in life. What if searching on web worked the way it did in real-life? What if, you could search a person? A single search for ‘television’ through that person’s eyes could returns blog posts the person had authored as well as bookmarks they made of TV related content. What if, you could search a group of people, through a person? A single search for “childcare” would return a friend’s Blog post on childcare, bookmarks your friend and her friends made about local childcare providers and an online article from the local newspaper on a childcare scandal in your town…. What if, you could search a group of people and their connections, through a person? A single search for “dentist Boulder Colorado” would return bookmarks to the four dentists your friends use, the official site of an oral surgeon that your father knows from school, and articles from online journals that that the oral surgeon read last week.. Lijit is working on a revolutionary way to refine the search experience. Using the power of people, connections and information we can significantly enhance the way people search and discover information on the Internet.