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18 April 2007 04:00

iStalkr: Social Feed Aggregator

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iStalkr is a web app that allows you to create a lifestream (based on Jeremy Keith's Lifestream concept) tracking all your RSS and ATOM feeds for services you use, like Digg,, Ma.gnolia, Flickr,, Google Reader's Shared Items, Tumblr, Twitter , etc, and create a time line of your activities. You can paste this time line data into on your blog or use the data in other apps. iStalkr then utilizes that data socially, like twitter, where you can monitor your friends time lines and other people can monitor yours. What iStalkr is Not iStalkr is not an RSS reader (If you need an RSS reader, we recommend Google Reader). It was never intended to be so. While it does read RSS as a format, iStalkr's purpose is to track personal data like the music you listen to, the things you digg, your pictures, your tweets, etc and socialize that data. iStalkr isn't twitter, or Flickr, or digg, or a blog or any sort of competition with any of those. iStalkr isn't a way to create content... it's a way to use RSS feeds to pull together all the content you're already creating. It's kind of a super duper fantabulous META... bringing everything you're already doing into a single page that's all about you.

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