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September 2007

June 2007


Place de marché de conseil et d'échanges en ligne pour experts et managers

May 2007


Explode is a social search tool that lets you find others online irrespective of which network they are on, as well as those running their own sites and blogs. It is a easy way to make connections, group these connections and interact with them either using your Explode profile or your own space somewhere else. The idea is to break down the silos of activity that is occurring due to the rise of social networking - we want to make is easy to find people; the Internet is People and Explode emphasises this.

Marquis Who's Who Online

Since 1899, Who's Who in America® has chronicled the lives and careers of America's most noteworthy men and women. Today, Marquis Who's Who has grown to include the biographies of millions of leaders and achievers from around the world and from every significant field of endeavor. Executives, journalists, educators, students, libraries, and researchers of all kinds consult our online biographical database and specialized directories for in-depth, accurate information they can use with confidence.

April 2007

Spock: About

Spock is the online leader in personal search, helping users find and discover people. With over one hundred million people already indexed and millions added every day, Spock is building the broadest and deepest people specific search engine. Our wicked team is funded by Clearstone Venture Partners, a leading early-stage venture capital firm in the consumer Internet space (Overture, PayPal, NetZero,, Internet Brands), and Opus Capital Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with more than $1 billion in committed capital under management.

iStalkr: Social Feed Aggregator

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iStalkr is a web app that allows you to create a lifestream (based on Jeremy Keith's Lifestream concept) tracking all your RSS and ATOM feeds for services you use, like Digg,, Ma.gnolia, Flickr,, Google Reader's Shared Items, Tumblr, Twitter , etc, and create a time line of your activities. You can paste this time line data into on your blog or use the data in other apps. iStalkr then utilizes that data socially, like twitter, where you can monitor your friends time lines and other people can monitor yours. What iStalkr is Not iStalkr is not an RSS reader (If you need an RSS reader, we recommend Google Reader). It was never intended to be so. While it does read RSS as a format, iStalkr's purpose is to track personal data like the music you listen to, the things you digg, your pictures, your tweets, etc and socialize that data. iStalkr isn't twitter, or Flickr, or digg, or a blog or any sort of competition with any of those. iStalkr isn't a way to create content... it's a way to use RSS feeds to pull together all the content you're already creating. It's kind of a super duper fantabulous META... bringing everything you're already doing into a single page that's all about you.

ProfileFly - Be Found, On The Internet's Profile and Contact Directory. is a site that makes it easy to share your: Profiles – Social Networks, Blogs, Photo Sites, Professional, Love & Dating Contacts – Email & Instant Messengers Bookmarks – Video links, Cool Sites, News, & more

March 2007

lyro your online business card

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Your Online Business Card. We aspire to become the world's largest repository of online business cards – where everybody who’s anybody can be found. Lyro makes it faster and easier for potential customers, business partners, colleagues and acquaintances to search, find, and contact you.

October 2006

118 012 - L'annuaire Universel

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Le site "118012 Annuaire universel" vient de sortir et propose un outil intéressant de recherche de numéros de téléphone. L'outil est un moteur de recherche (direct et inversé) de numéros téléphonique et permet de nombreuses possibilités selon la requête saisie. Exemples : - "Toubib Versailles Paris" donne la liste des "médecins exerçant avenue de Versailles à Paris" suivie de celle des "médecins exerçant avenue de Paris à Versailles". - "duponD vaugirar 75" fournit la liste des "duponT rue de vaugirarD à paris", les professionnels en premier et les particuliers à la suite si aucun duponT ou duponD n’est référencé au boulevard de Vaugirard. - "poste vaugirard paris" indique le numéro général de la poste, les bureaux de poste de la rue de vaugirard et celui du boulevard de vaugirard à Paris... - "brezinski" liste les onze personnes dont le nom de famille est "brezinski" en France. - "RISC" propose les agences de la société RISC. - Etc. L'ambition de ce nouvel annuaire est d'améliorer encore l'outil dans les semaines qui viennent et surtout de s'étendre à de nombreux pays en Europe et dans le Monde...

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