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17 January 2007

onXiam - Manage Your Online Identities

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You have many online identities, but there is only one you. * Identify Choose a name to identify your online presence. * Link Establish links between all of the identities that you use online for blogs, photos, etc. * Promote Using your onXiam account, you can easily publicize all of your online identities and help people discover your blogs, your photos, your music -- all of the things that you share online!

09 January 2007 Private Beta: Music Powered By People

Find Music Through Friends and Tastemakers. Who do you trust to bring you what you want? Got a friend? What happened to that guy behind the record store counter? Haystack brings them back and pulls it all together. Music, Pictures, Videos and Reviews of artists young and old. The web’s best music stuff organized by your taste. Haystack allows you to take the best of the web, make your own sundae and share with your friends and fans on your page. We call them "stacks." Artists sign up directly by yourself, through your manager or your label. Soon you won’t have to only sell music to make money. There’s a new flow in town. Drag and drop profile builder makes construction jobs easy and fun. Make Haystack your own.

13 December 2006

uPlayMe | Play Music. Meet People. Discover New Music.

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Now there's a simple way to meet people and find new music just by playing songs on your computer and your iPod! All you need to do is register and download uPlayMe (it takes less than 15 seconds on a cable-modem), and that's it! As you play music, uPlayMe finds people who are playing the same music and shows you what they're listening to. You can chat with them, visit their pages on other sites like MySpace, or just find new music to listen to!

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