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07 January 2007 19:15

Media Convert - free and on line - convert and split sound, ringtones, images, docs - MP3 WMV 3GP AMR FLV SWF AMV MOV WMA AVI MPG MP4 DivX MPEG4 iPOD PSP OGG WMA AAC MP4 MPC MMF QCP KAR MIDI REALAUDIO FLAC JPG PSD DOC PDF RTF TXT ODG ODP ODS ODT SXW WK1 M

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Media-Convert is 100% free. No software is needed, and you don't have to register. You only need your favorite Internet browser. Your files are ready 7/7 days 24/24 hours. How to convert a file ? To convert a file located on your computer : Check File mode, click Browse and choose the file, select input format (if autodetection fails) and output format, submit the form. To convert a file located on a webserver : Check URL mode, enter the file URL, select input and output format. To make a screenshot of any website (convert it into an image) : Check URL mode, enter the website URL and select an image output format.

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