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16 June 2007

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With MyBooo, you have the possibility to store and centralize your data. MyBooo also allows you to share and exchange data with the MyBooo community. Not only that, MyBooo lets you view your multimedia images, sound and video. In addition, you have the possibility to access your own RSS feeds This is available to you easily. With MyBoo travelling is easy as you do not to have any device to get your data. Need a document, learn the latest news, check mails and access your own group list? All you need is a computer with a connection and your all is possible, this is MyBooo's vision. Each day our services get better and better thanks to all of you, your feedback is important to us. New application will added on a regular basis and we count on your to show us the path to better serve you

19 May 2007

Hey!Watch - Just encode

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Hey!Watch provides a simple and robust encoding plateform for both individuals (B2C) and companies (B2B). You can use the service either via a REST API or a simple and intuitive interface. The service allows developers to access a fast, scalable and inexpensive web service to encode videos easier. The API can be easily integrated in any web or desktop applications.

13 May 2007

Omnidrive: Free Online Storage, Sharing and Publishing Platform for Desktop and Web - Omnidrive Mac Client!

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Omnidrive Online Storage and Access Omnidrive is an online storage platform that allows you to store your files online and access them from anywhere with the speed of desktop storage. With Omnidrive you can access, edit and share your files from anywhere with just a web browser!

11 May 2007

Ceedo - Extend Yourself - Home

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With Ceedo Personal, the comfort of your desktop environment is never farther than your own pocket. Easily installed on any portable storage gadget you choose – whether it’s a thumb drive, an iPod, or a pocket hard drive – Ceedo Personal allows you to enjoy the convenience and productivity of your personal work space on any host PC.

29 April 2007

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