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March 2007

Affinitiz, blogs and communities

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Affinitiz is a publishing platform that allows you to easily share all your contents on Internet (text, pictures, video, audio, opinions, polls, events...)

December 2006

NewsGator - NewsGator Community Publisher

Harness the Power of Community Publishing. Want to create an interactive dialogue with your readers? With NewsGator Community Publisher, you can leverage the contributions from members of your community. Create entirely new branded communities or add new sections to existing communities using content created via blogs and wikis, and then deliver this information, along with thousands of potential RSS feeds through Web-based, desktop and mobile RSS readers. A host of administration capabilities are included allowing you to make extensive use of the valuable content that is created. Well beyond simple aggregation of things like recent posts, most commented, etc., into a portal, you can build entire web properties out of customer generated content or even select specific content to augment information on any of your existing web properties. Extensive reporting, advertising, aggregation and syndication features allow you to use the content across your web properties in any way that you'd like, thereby creating exciting new marketing, promotional and even revenue generating opportunities. This integration of NewsGator's Private Label Platform with iUpload's Customer Conversation System is the only enterprise class solution available. Key Benefits * Two-way dialogue with your readers * Increased page views, stickiness and advertising opportunities * Greater customer loyalty and retention Key Features * Completely branded template libraries and user interfaces * Turnkey, hosted platform running under your domain * Support for public and private communities * Advanced Editorial/Approval Mechanism * Integrated Ad Serving/Management

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