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June 2007 - FREE Anytime Collaboration and Live Conferencing™

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Vyew takes a fresh approach to web collaboration. With Vyew you can collaborate LIVE and over time, ANYTIME. Create multiple VyewBooks - save by content, audience, or version - and work on them in real-time or invite different collaborators to work on them asynchronously. Collaborate on most common file types, take screen captures, and stream live what's showing on your desktop. All for FREE!

May 2007

Playble – Paying Artists for Free Music

Paying Artists for Free Music Peter Sunde from The Pirate Bay has started a unique collaboration with the members of the Swedish rock band Lamont and their manager Kristopher S. Wilbur. After lengthy discussions about the future of the record industry and its implications for the many talented artists and songwriters around the world, we discovered that we held the same vision. The shared insight that the record industry—with its current business model—is outdated inspired the birth of This innovative music site will allow users to download music by artists for free and still support them financially. will give companies with strong brands the opportunity to support music and artists directly. Welcome to

March 2007

Music collaboration for virtual bands and creative commons online music makers -

(via) is an online workspace for musicians. Use it to compose new music with other artists around the world. Got an idea for a song? Record a track. Upload it. Then invite others to add drums, bass, vocals or anything else

February 2007

Dimdim: The world's FREE web meeting - Home

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Dimdim is the Open Source web conferencing company. With Dimdim you can show Presentations, Applications and Desktops to any other person over the internet. You can chat, show your webcam and talk with others in the meeting. More.. Dimdim is an independent software vendor (ISV). Customers install our software on their premises. We are seeking partners to provide hosted Dimdim web conferencing, customizations and associated services.

January 2007

Adobe - Acrobat Connect

Communicate and collaborate instantly through interactive online personal meetings Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ is the next generation of web conferencing software that enables professionals to instantly communicate and collaborate through easy-to-use, easy-to-access online personal meeting rooms. A new addition to the Acrobat Family, Acrobat Connect breaks down the technology barriers of traditional web conferencing by providing real-world, interactive online personal meeting rooms to business professionals

December 2006


SocialMail is the new way to connect with your friends, family and social groups!


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Lijit Networks is developing a better way to search for information In real-life, people seek out advice from friends, co-workers, family, professionals, etc. Content is vetted though these social connections reducing the number of possibilities, and filtering for local relevance. This filtering is complex and it evolves through our entire lives. It is shaped by the experiences we have, the people we know, and the path that we take in life. What if searching on web worked the way it did in real-life? What if, you could search a person? A single search for ‘television’ through that person’s eyes could returns blog posts the person had authored as well as bookmarks they made of TV related content. What if, you could search a group of people, through a person? A single search for “childcare” would return a friend’s Blog post on childcare, bookmarks your friend and her friends made about local childcare providers and an online article from the local newspaper on a childcare scandal in your town…. What if, you could search a group of people and their connections, through a person? A single search for “dentist Boulder Colorado” would return bookmarks to the four dentists your friends use, the official site of an oral surgeon that your father knows from school, and articles from online journals that that the oral surgeon read last week.. Lijit is working on a revolutionary way to refine the search experience. Using the power of people, connections and information we can significantly enhance the way people search and discover information on the Internet.

November 2006

BoxCloud: Dead-Simple File Sharing for Design and Media Professionals

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BoxCloud is a dead simple way for design and media professionals to share files with clients, vendors and colleagues. It's faster and easier than email and can handle files and folders of any size.

about syncVUE

syncVUE makes the review and approval process easier than ever before. Multiple people can simultaneously view and annotate local copies of the same media files in perfect sync from different locations - whether separated by cubicles, city blocks, or continents. How does it work? It's simple. syncVUE is an extremely clever media player that plugs into SKYPE, the most popular VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) conferencing software available today. Simply download SKYPE (it's free), sign up for an account and you're ready. syncVUE adopts your SKYPE "buddy list" as it's own, allowing you to collaborate with any other syncVUE user on the SKYPE network.

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