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July 2007

June 2007


Adicate is a user based advertising system for selling timeslots per hour. Users make their ads online and buy hourly slots on your website. The advertising spot is easily created by pasting a HTML code.

Tumri | Merchandising | AdPods

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Tumri is the first integrated merchandising and advertising network that can intelligently deliver targeted products to online consumers. Tumri’s patent-pending technology combines offer intelligence and targeting to deliver a precisely selected set of products and offers in an interactive ad unit called the Tumri AdPod which converts browsers into buyers. Tumri delivers: * Targeted product and offer ads that improve on traditional online ads by giving you the ability to show your visitors with the products and offers they seek. * Engaging experience that increases interaction from your visitors. * Conversion at a higher rate with its ability to deliver the right product, to the right audience at the right time.

April 2007


Netvocate enables organizations of all sorts to conduct advocate-supported marketing campaigns within social media. With Netvocate, your advocates can participate in the marketing process by creating and/or distributing your communications. But you still retain complete control of both the final content and where it runs. So you can leverage your advocate’s passion, creativity and social networking skills while being confident that your communications are firmly in your control. Netvocate’s products are specialized for each purpose, as follows: • Netvocate Engage™ for advertisers. Turn your banners “viral” by making them customizable and distributable by your advocates. • Netvocate ChipIn™ for fundraisers. Enable your supporters to raise funds for you via fundraising badges placed on their blog or social networking site. • Netvocate BuzzBadges™ for web properties. Have happy users? Help them to promote your site by providing them with badges they can customize and promote on their social media sites Netvocate is web-based and intuitively designed so that organizations can create a campaign within minutes and manage campaigns with ease.

March 2007

Right Media

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We created an open exchange to help buyers and sellers trade digital media more efficiently. Playing exclusively in the ad network space at first, we realized what the market needed in order to drive that efficiency: * a way for all buyers and sellers to connect to each other on a common platform and gain open access to media * transparency — the ability for those businesses to see the whole market and know that they’re buying or selling every impression for fair market value * a way for those buyers and sellers to maximize that value automatically, on every ad call, in a real-time auction We launched our open, auction-based platform in April of 2005. As more partners started running their businesses on the platform, a community formed, and the Right Media Exchange was born. Today, more than 19,000 advertisers, publishers and networks trade digital media with total efficiency on the Right Media Exchange. Access to that wide open community of buyers and sellers is a constant. Otherwise, there’s a “right” Right Media solution for you — from the simple exchange access of RMX Direct, to the “build your own exchange” approach of RMX, AMX and NMX, to the Remix Media ad network. Founded in 2003, the company is privately funded and based in New York, with offices in London, Moscow, Eugene, San Francisco and Tallahassee.


BrightRoll helps publishers monetize their video traffic and helps advertisers connect with consumers in the rapidly growing online video market. Today, BrightRoll is one of the largest online video advertising networks reaching millions of consumers across a broad network of sites. BrightRoll serves video and non-video advertisements within online media players, before and after the delivery of video content. The company’s ad serving technology leverages video context and behavioral data, which allows BrightRoll to fill 100% of available ad inventory and deliver industry leading CPMs. The BrightRoll advertising network delivers millions of ads per day - connecting thousands of advertisers with dozens of high volume video sites. BrightRoll is a privately held company backed by blue-chip investors and holds its headquarters in downtown San Francisco, CA.

TURN | The world's first automatic targeting ad network

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Turn is the world's first automatic targeting, bidded CPA ad network. Which means advertisers can enjoy benefits that no other advertising network can deliver: bidded CPA pricing to eliminate risk, blended targeting to increase relevance, and automatic targeting to simplify campaign management. The result: better performance and higher return on investment. At Turn, everything we do is focused on the goals you want to achieve—from site visit to product purchase to lead generation—and the price you want to pay. Our advanced targeting technology goes beyond manual targeting by blending site analysis, past performance, categories, audience, and over 60 other variables to select the most relevant graphical and text ads. And everything is automatic. Turn's technology dynamically selects and weights these variables to determine the best targets for each ad, eliminating the guesswork, time and complexity of manual targeting. What's more, with CPA pricing, you won't ever have to worry about paying for worthless or fraudulent clicks.


Advertise with Us Snap's ground-breaking Cost-Per-Action (CPA) business model enables advertisers to guarantee that their marketing expenditures are cost-effective. Other search engines charge advertisers each time a user clicks on an ad link with no guarantee that the user will follow through with a transaction of benefit to the advertiser. Snap's CPA system only charges advertisers when the user actually follows through and purchases an item, fills out a form, makes a donation, or whatever criterion the advertiser establishes for the campaign. Snap's various features are also designed to appeal to the Internet's most frequent searchers, providing a highly focused environment in which to stage advertising campaigns. Why Choose Snap? Finally, a search engine offering true pay-per-performance advertising. Snap's cost-per-action advertising options mean that you pay only when you get the action you want from the customer, giving you maximum flexibility (a customer "action" can be a purchase, download, registration, subscription, lead, or just a click). You decide what makes the most sense for your business. Since you don't have to pay for traffic and ONLY pay for actual conversions on your site, you have virtually ZERO RISK and an INCREASED RETURN-ON-INVESTMENT. Snap is the easiest and most productive online advertising choice because we feature: * Payment Flexibility to choose how to pay -- and HOW MUCH -- based on what works best for your business o Cost-Per-Click (CPC) You pay only when a user clicks on your listings on Snap. o Fixed-Cost-Per-Action (FCPA) You choose a fixed amount and pay only when a consumer completes the specific action(s) you want: purchases a product, registers for a service, etc. o Variable-Cost-Per-Action (VCPA) You choose a fixed percentage of purchase price and pay only when the item is sold to a customer from Snap. * 24/7 access to your personalized account maintenance system, where you define campaigns, create your listings, and manage keywords $50 Non-Refundable Sign-Up Deposit Required

January 2007

December 2006

BidVertiser - Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice.

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Place your ads on sites of your choice, set your pay per click pricing and pay only for clicks you receive. Pay per click advertising on sites of your choice Pay only for the clicks you receive Set the max price you are willing to pay per click Create your ads in minutes Choose your geographical targeting Monitor the performance of your ads Learn more about our pay per click advertising

Etology - The Open Marketplace for Advertising on the Web

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Search our open marketplace and buy affordable traffic from any of our publishers in minutes. Create your Etology account in one step - Sign up!


SPOTSITE is a research-driven advertising marketplace where advertisers plan, buy and manage their advertising campaigns across all digital mediums. Media buyers use our marketplace to find audiences where the content is appropriate for a particular branding campaign; discover the audience that they are trying to reach; and identify their performance expectations for a campaign. I/PRO is able to expose these new opportunities to media buyers because of our highly accurate research methods that we have evolved since 1994. Using our vigorous audience research methods, advertisers can easily target audiences across potentially thousands of sites, blogs, PODCasts or RSS feeds. SPOTSITE allows advertisers to track campaign performance using both brand effectiveness and historical advertising metrics at a campaign level or a site-by-site basis. SPOTSITE’s capabilities drive campaign optimizations, enabling advertisers to manage each campaign against their ROI goals.

November 2006


Des publicités ciblées, pertinentes, automatiquement. __________________________________________________________ Un meilleur taux de clics, et donc une meilleure rémunération. __________________________________________________________ Un revenu par clic très élevé. __________________________________________________________ La meilleure rémunération du marché! __________________________________________________________ Une intégration très facile dans n'importe quel site web.


Mirago est un moteur de recherche qui permet à ses utilisateurs de voir le web du point de vue de la France et de trouver des informations concernant leur localité. Les index sont préparés par des "robots" qui scannent continuellement le contenu des pages des sites français. Les robots indexent tous les sites du web français dont ils ont connaissance. Certains sites dont le contenu dynamique change fréquemment sont indexés tous les jours, deux jours, toutes les semaines ou deux semaines. Les contenus d'actualité sont ainsi inclus dans nos index peu de temps après leur mise en ligne. Les contenus "statiques" ou ne changeant pas avec l'actualité sont rafraîchis moins souvent. Les services de recherche Mirago sont disponibles sur ce site et à travers un réseau d'Affiliés et Associés de recherche souhaitant offrir à leurs utilisateurs un outil de recherche de qualité appuyé sur un index du web français exhaustif.

MIVA Partenaires - Monétisez votre site et générez des revenus

Les solutions Marque Blanche de MIVA donnent la possibilité aux sites de contenu, aux portails de recherche et aux annuaires en ligne de disposer de leur propre solution de publicité à la performance. MIVA a été le premier à proposer une solution en marque blanche aux Etats-Unis en 2002, ses clients incluent Verizon et Lycos. Nous sommes heureux de proposer désormais la Marque Blanche en Europe. OFFREZ VOTRE PROPRE OUTIL DE MARKETING A LA PERFORMANCE A VOS CLIENTS Les annonceurs attendent des résultats concrets de leurs dépenses publicitaires. Les produits de marketing à la performance, comme le Pay-Per-Click, répondent exactement à leur attente. Pour cette raison, le Pay-Per-Click a connu un développement spectaculaire. Online Purchasing graph; Neilsen Reel Research Pourquoi ne pas adopter votre propre programme de Pay-Per-Click Ad par le biais de la Marque Blanche MIVA ? Les bénéfices : * Maintenez ou développez les dépenses de vos annonceurs * Conservez vos relations directes avec vos annonceurs (source stratégique de revenu pour votre société) * Contrôlez votre contenu : partie éditoriale et placement des liens * Monétisez votre trafic à sa juste valeur

TURN | How it Works

Our mission is simple: to deliver the most effective advertising in the world. But how we do it is what makes this company so revolutionary. With careers spent at companies like AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Overture, and Yahoo, we know first hand what it takes to create a truly revolutionary ad platform. By combining our automatic targeting technology with an innovative bidded CPA pricing model, Turn will deliver unparalleled relevance, unprecedented ad coverage and unbelievable profits for advertisers and publishers. Here's what makes Turn so unique: * Automatic targeting. Whether you're an advertiser or publisher, all you have to do is submit your ad or URL. Turn will automatically analyze it and select the most relevant and effective placement. Turn eliminates the complexity of manual targeting and managing keywords and bid prices with technology that automatically selects the best graphical or text ads for any placement. * Blended targeting. Turn uses sophisticated algorithms to blend more than 60 relevance variables rather than just one or two, the common practice of most networks. * Bidded CPA pricing model. Turn lets advertisers pay only for the actual performance they want.

Adify Corporation

Adify was founded in 2005 by a group of online advertising pioneers from Flycast Communications, one of the original online ad networks. Our mission is to enable and optimize direct publisher-advertiser transactions, removing the overhead associated with selling through a third-party network. Through our hosted site storefronts, Adify provides both publishers and advertisers with an advertising service platform that includes management, tracking, optimizing, reporting, billing, payment and merchandising for online media. We are based in San Bruno, California.

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