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11 March 2007 14:45

how fuel cells work

good technical website that explains in laymens terms how a fuel cell works

11 March 2007 14:30

Resource for parents of drug abusers

good resource for parents with kids who use drugs.

Football fan resource

Football fan resource with fantasy news, NFL picks, NFL team information

The Captains Deck

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan forum

NFL Fan visiting stadiums

Website about an NFL fan visiting football stadiums around the NFL. Very cool site.

11 March 2007 14:15

Twin Peaks Season 2

by 1 other
Who Killed Laura Palmer? Twin Peaks Season 2 comes out on DVD in April 2007. I used to love that show back in the early ninties. Looking forward to its release on DVD

Fuel Cells for Clean Power

by 1 other
Website with a list of fuel cell companies that actually produce fuel cells you can buy. Provides an explanation of what fuel cells are. Good technical resource for students and companies working on fuel cell projects

11 March 2007 14:00

Is My Kid Smoking Pot?

Website about signs that teenagers may be smoking pot. Including what to look for as a parent in their room, in their behavior, or in terms of paraphernalia. Good resource to keep parents current.

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