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They Shoot Music Dont They

What is this? This is a Viennese video/geoblog featuring artists that can be vaguely described by the blurred out term indie.

YouTube - Portishead in Portishead

Portishead in Portishead - a 31 minute piece filmed in December 2007 in the drama block at Geoff Barrow's old school, Gordano School in Portishead and featuring 7 songs from Third.



"The Apples in stereo : official Myspace page"


The La\'

In my opinion, the two greatest bands ever were The Beatles and The La's, funny enough they both happen to come from the city of Liverpool, there must be something in the water.......

HushPuppies, french band

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HushPuppies, french band

myspace music : tilly and the wall