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jQuery.popeye - an inline lightbox alternative | Christoph Schüßler » Informationsarchitektur und so

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The plugin transforms an unoredered list of images into a box displaying only one preview image at a time. The box has controls to skim through the preview images and to enlarge a given image. The box expands to accomodate the enlarged version, while the controls are hidden in full image size mode. A simple click on the image returns the box to its compact state. The compact box has fixed, automatically calculated dimensions. The widht and height are calculated so that all thumbnail images are cropped to the smallest width and height in the set and centered resulting image area (stage).

PrettyPhoto - a jQuery Lightbox clone

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PrettyPhoto - a jQuery Lightbox clone July 13th, 2008 in Javascript | Tags: Gallery, jQuery | No Responses A new version 2.1 of prettyPhoto released. Descriptions/Titles now support html code. Usage is simple, just include the jQuery library, prettyPhoto javascript and the prettyPhoto CSS file and add rel=”prettyPhoto” to any picture you want to activate the prettyPhoto feature. If you want the images to be a part of a gallery, just add the gallery name in braket. Tested and working in Firefox 2-3 (Mac/PC), Safari 3.1.1 (Mac), IE 6-7. Uncompressed version - script: 16kb / CSS: 8kb, compressed size - script: 8kb / CSS: 3.8kb.

Galleria - a Javascript Image Gallery

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Galleria is a javascript image gallery written in jQuery. It loads the images one by one from an unordered list and displays thumbnails when each image is loaded. It will create thumbnails for you if you choose so, scaled or unscaled, centered and cropped inside a fixed thumbnail box defined by CSS. The core of Galleria lies in it's smart preloading behaviour, snappiness and the fresh absence of obtrusive design elements. Use it as a foundation for your custom styled image gallery. Demos

FancyBox - jQuery image zooming plugin

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Inspired by many other lightbox-like tools, now made kinda different image zooming script for those who want something fresh. It`s powered by great javascript library - jQuery, tested with IE6, IE7, Firefox Features: * Automatically scales large images to fit in window * Adds a nice drop shadow under the full-size image * Image sets to group related images and navigate through them


Eat Your Greens: Adding a magnifier to images with CSS and JavaScript

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Voici un script qui vour permettra de mettre en place un zoom sur un image. Perosnnelement, je trouve le résultat très sympa et pratique. Il faut évidament ne pas oublier d'avoir l'image en deux résolutions, une basse pour la miniature et une plus élevée pour le zoom.

Images et photos gratuites pour votre blog

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Voici une liste utile de différents sites offrant des images libre de droit pour illustrer vos articles. Je me suis basée sur un article du blog de Lorelle et j’ai sélectionné les sites les plus pertinents (c’est-à-dire vraiment gratuit (tout au moins pour une qualité web), avec un moteur de recherche et qui donne des résultats…).

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