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April 2006

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Nornna, YouTube上的大明星,上了纽约时报,维基上有她的专属词条

March 2006

October 2005


lets you share your videos with thousands of people and earn money whenever someone watches.

Veoh Networks - Internet Television Peercasting Network

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Using Veoh's free software, you can watch Full-Screen Internet Television, with access to shows that you could never find on traditional television networks. No matter what your interest or taste, chances are that you will find what you're looking for on

September 2005

Broadcast Machine: Publish RSS / Torrent Video Channels

Broadcast Machine is software you install on your website to easily publish video files and create internet TV channels.

August 2005

Patchouli - video blog software

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a unique new application that let's you record videos from your webcam, camera and video camera and publish them instantly to your web site.

About ClipShack

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a community for videophiles; a destination where people can post their video for general public viewing and comment, share clips with friends and family, post video to blogs, share information and feedback with other videophiles and wireless media aficion

PenguinTV : podcasts and video blogs for Linux

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PenguinTV is not just another RSS feed reader. It is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with podcasts and video blogs, allowing you to easily enjoy the audio, music, and video published around the web in RSS format.

How to create a vodcast

how to go about creating and distributing a vodcast of your own.

July 2005

Playlist: How to create a vodcast

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The technology behind vodcasting is the same as the magic that makes up podcasting—RSS. By preparing your movies properly and creating the right feed, you can offer your audience video on demand through an application familiar to us all: iTunes 4.9, a v

Castpost: Broadcast Your Video & Audio Clips

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Castpost首先是一个很不错的Blog host:二级域名、模版简洁、中文支持良好、实用的留言管理功能,而且由Castpost所输出的Blog除了一个网站logo以外,没有任何其它的商业广告。看起来一点都不必其 - video blogs made easy

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Use your webcam to record messages, then invite your friends and family to view the message online