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April 2006

October 2005

Micro Persuasion: Creating Blog Evangelists


laolu: blog营销的一个例子:Glam Media

使得媒体和电子商务参与者,能够为最终的广告主,提供一种把点击购买的电子商务功能,与独立编辑的 blog 内容,融合起来的新型广告服务。

September 2005

The Million Dollar Homepage - FAQ

try and make $1m (US) by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each.

Marketing Optimization 101 for Blogs

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Blogs may be Web 2.0, but bloggers should not ignore some of the good old internet direct marketing tactics that have been working for marketers online almost for a decade or more.

Jan's Tech Blog: 用Blog作Marketing工具


August 2005

Word of

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a new and free service that helps you spread the word about things you like, events you care about and worthy causes you want to support.

Gummesson's 30 Rs

30 types of business relationship