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April 2006

Top 100 - Google Video

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October 2005

Google Home Base - 博客

本文试图通过一系列线索揭示Google Base与Semantic Web(语义网,以下简称SW)的关系,以此窥探Google在互联网服务的战略布局。

Big Picture | Yahoo taking on Google, Microsoft for AOL? | CNET


September 2005

Pingoat - Google sitemap creator

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在线生成Google Sitemap并可直接上传到自己的站点

GoogleFor - Ken


My Google Page Rank

MyGoogle PageRank was created to enable webmasters to easily know and post PageRank on their pages without any Toolbar.

YMail Beta Screenshots (Oddpost and Gmail too)

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Yahoo!, who you may be familar with from their line of DVD players, just released the new beta of their webmail product.


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网 页 快 照 不 完 全 解 决 方 案

August 2005

» GTalk Tweaks

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some Tweaks for Google Talk

About Droogle

Droogle is a site dedicated to helping you make the most out of your alcoholic ingredients at home. We've assembled a powerful search engine to help deliver the most accurate drink recipes quickly and easily.

July 2005


MapBuilder lets you build your own map with number of location and generate GoogleMap source code for this map. So you will be able to paste it directly into your web page and use it with your API key requested at Google


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