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April 2006

HEMiDEMi - 共享書籤

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Wizlite | Collaborative Page Highlighting

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October 2005

书签应用扩展:Kaboodle - WebLeOn's Blog

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Kaboole的核心功能是Kaboole Page。你可以在Kaboole中创建多个页面,然后把收藏的网页归属到这些页面中

Blummy:集成式书签栏 - WebLeOn's Blog

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FeedAlley.Com (still in alpha) is a social bookmark webfeed manager.

September 2005

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save specific information on that page, Clipmark it


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a free online bookmarks manager, built on PHP and MySQL and released as open-source under the GPL.

Lookmarks - Search and Share Bookmarks

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Lookmarks helps you organize your links. Each link is categorized with a keyword phrase (also called "tags").

About: Web Feeds

Web Feeds is a social bookmark site with a difference

Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet

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Borrowing the tags and descriptions shared by other users, Lazy Sheep makes tagging a page a one-click operation. In order to best suit any user, Lazy Sheep also includes a comprehensive set of options that can be configured to your exact spec

August 2005

Connotea: home

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Organize your references. Share them with others. Discover new leads.

July 2005



Shadows Home

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Tag. Comment. Rate. Discover. Share. Make every web page a community.