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April 2006

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Multiply is a web site that makes it easy to share photos, blogs, videos, music, and other kinds of digital content with your friends and family.

AirSet - Shared Calendars, Reminders, Community for Groups and Family

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Calendars - Contacts - Lists - Blogs - WebLinks One place, available anywhere, always up-to-date又是个人门户的一条龙服务 - Bringing the web back

by 4 others provides you with the tools to publish all of your personal content online. Using our service, with the touch of a button, you can share information on any topic: personal interests, hobbies, travel or work projects. You may then connect your blo

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a full-featured blogging tool. Using it you can create a blog and publish your first entry in minutes. You can customize your site's look and feel, use open APIs, publish RSS feeds, password-protect entries and do everything else you'd expect to be able t

Blog Flux - Blog Services Portal

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the single source for bloggers and blog readers. Be it finding new blogs, subscribing to RSS feeds, or pinging sites with blog updates, you won't have to scurry over to multiple sites. All available on one site.



July 2005

朝web 2.0泼点冷水

别关心什么web 2.0, 关心那些真正能改善你的web用户体验的技术, 关心web技术的发展趋势。