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October 2005

Megatrend alert: Rich Clients, Web Services, and On Demand Software

Web Service、富应用客户端和随需定制软件三者的关系分析

【刻录事】 » Web和PC,本地和网络


September 2005

NewsHour Extra Top Stories: Podcasting Power for the People -- February 23, 2005

Podcasting fans have praised the new phenomenon for democratizing radio production by providing new voices and more music choices to the public.

AOL Survey Says: People Blog as Therapy

A new AOL blog survey shows most bloggers are not aspiring "cyber journalists" or political activists; they blog as a form of therapy.

Abstract Dynamics: Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 is a professional web, a web run by insiders.



August 2005



xiuli'Blog of Online-edu: 互联网络中的交往服务与工具发展


TechWeb | Web Site Design | Web Sites Have Sex Appeal

the sexes reacted very differently to sites when surfing the web.

InformationWeek > Wikis > How To Use Wikis For Business > k 8, 2005

Content management systems will always have their place in the publishing world, but they've never been the best tools for business collaboration. A simple open-source app called the wiki may soon rule the knowledge management roost

July 2005

New Forrester reports on RSS for marketers released

two new reports on RSS for marketers: "RSS 101 For Marketers" and "Using RSS As A Marketing Tool"

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Web 2.0的实质,是互联网对用户的重新发现,或者说是用户对互联网的重新发现,其背后是用户自主意识的觉醒。这是一股涌动的潮流,在形成巨浪之前,你很难估计它的毁灭性力量。

马克•格兰诺维特与《硅谷的社会性网络》 - CNBlog: Blog on Blog

推荐两本书给对社会性网络(Social Networks) 感兴趣的朋友看。一本是《硅谷优势:创新与创业精神的栖息地》(The Silicon Valley Edge: a habitat for innovation and entrepreneurship)另一本是《社会资本》(Social