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April 2006

February 2006

Daily RSS - Daily News via RSS

a web-based news aggregator that allows its readers to rate the articles. Articles with higher ratings will be shown first.

October 2005

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September 2005

Netvouz - Online Social Bookmark Manager - Organize, Tag and Share your bookmarks

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a social bookmark manager where you can store your favorite links online and access them from any computer. - Features

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RSSCalendar lets users quickly setup online calendars that can be syndicated as RSS feeds.

July 2005

CommonTimes - a social bookmarking community for news readers

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We publish the most important news from the Web and the blogosphere based on the stories you link to most.


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Web 2.0是一个概括性的说法,也是一种新的观念。越来越多的实践者通过一个个具体的应用,让这种观念具体化,并将逐渐形成一股潮流。一切权力归用户,应该不仅仅是一句口号。

Shadows Home

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Tag. Comment. Rate. Discover. Share. Make every web page a community.