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October 2005

by 5 others
GROOP.US is a web service to visualize your social context based on the tags you have used. It shows your areas of interests and relates people with similar interests to groups with shared tags and resources.

Library Stuff

a live stream of links that are being bookmarking on

September 2005

RawSugar - Recently added pages

by 11 others
save and tag your favorite Web pages and create your personal searchable Web page to share with your friends. Tagging is a quick and flexible way to categorize your favorites.支持从美味中导入自己的书签

Revealicious - revealing the way you use

by 13 others
a set of graphic visualisations for your account that allow you to browse, search and select tags, as well as viewing posts matching them.

Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet

by 24 others
Borrowing the tags and descriptions shared by other users, Lazy Sheep makes tagging a page a one-click operation. In order to best suit any user, Lazy Sheep also includes a comprehensive set of options that can be configured to your exact spec

August 2005

Cluster your bookmarks

by 10 others
This tiny application lets you cluster your bookmarks into tag clouds.

July 2005

CollaborativeRank -- search engine

by 3 others
Users on who give meaningful tags to helpful/timely URLs (as evidenced by others subsequently doing the same)

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