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April 2006

October 2005

Business Opportunities Weblog | How Much Is My Blog Worth

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借助Technorati的API,依据Technorati的链接数,按照Weblogs Inc卖给AOL的价格计算个人blog值多少钱

Micro Persuasion: Creating Blog Evangelists


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laolu: blog营销的一个例子:Glam Media

使得媒体和电子商务参与者,能够为最终的广告主,提供一种把点击购买的电子商务功能,与独立编辑的 blog 内容,融合起来的新型广告服务。

September 2005


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全球最大的C2C网站= Blog + Flickr/Fotolog + YouTube/Seehaha + Technorati + Paypal--来自Isaac的创意

Ding Deng’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Blog的商业化

Blog方便了个人思想的表达, 但随着商业元素的渗入, 它已经慢慢演化出一个分支, 变成了一种以盈利为目的的网络出版形式

Web2MemeMap on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Meme maps adapted from business model maps

BusinessWeek Magazine: Best of the Web Special Report and Survey Results

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These are our picks for the cream of the crop, ranging from the ridiculous (the disturbingly hilarious StuffOnMyCat) to the sublime (the group art blog PostSecret).

Podcasting Profits -

there are four possible ways to monetize podcasting:

NewPRWiki - Main.About

# a repository of relevant information about how the PR practice is changing

Podcasting for Marketers Interview with Rodney Rumford, Part 1

the highest value of podcasting for marketing as a communicational tool, enabling businesses to get their messages and valuable content to listeners that subscribe.

Marketing Optimization 101 for Blogs

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Blogs may be Web 2.0, but bloggers should not ignore some of the good old internet direct marketing tactics that have been working for marketers online almost for a decade or more.

Jan's Tech Blog: 架構企業Blog之7大貼士

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Jan's Tech Blog: 用Blog作Marketing工具


Ajax Office

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A complete office suite usable via your browser. Your documents are safely stored on a server so that you don't have to worry about backups and you can access them from every computer in the world!

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