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13 October 2006 13:30

Office 2.0 Database

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Database of "office 2.0" products: bookmarks, calendar, desktop, mail, feed readers, instant messenger, project management, word processing, spreadsheets, task manager, time tracking, and so on

13 October 2006 12:30 - Live presentations on the web!

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With, you can make presentations - like slideshows, or outlines - right in your web browser. When you're done, you can share your presentations with anyone, anywhere, just by sending them a link.

Presentation Creation, Management and Sharing: Empressr by Fusebox

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Presentation Goodness : Embed video, audio, pictures and Flash, create dynamic charts and graphs, link your favorite photos and video, share with others

13 October 2006 12:15

Preezo Blog

Preezo is a next generation web application that gives you the power to create, share and distribute professional quality presentations over the web without software or plugins. Goodbye, PowerPoint. Hello, Preezo!

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