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August 2007

February 2007

Mylar Mantis Connector

This project is an eclipse Mylar Repository plug-in for the Mantis Bug Tracking application using the Mantis Connect SOAP interface.

January 2007

Eclipse packaged distributions

Liste de distributions d'Eclipse pré-packagée avec certains plugins

December 2006

Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site

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Long tutos sur le développement d'un site web collaboratif à partir d'outils libres, dont le CMS Drupal.

DOME . DERI Ontology Management Environment

The DERI Ontology Management Environment (DOME) is developed by the Ontology Management Working Group (OMWG). The mission is to create a suite for the efficient and effective management of ontologies The Ontology Management suite will comprise tooling support for Editing & Browsing, Versioning & Evolution, Mapping & Merging that will be offered in the form of freely combinable Eclipse Plug-ins. It will make use of an ontology-neutral API that will provide access to different ontology repositories and reasoning engines.

Metatomix Semantic Toolkit : OWL and RDF plugins for Eclipse

The Metatomix Semantic Toolkit is a set of Eclipse plugins to allow developers to create and manage ontologies based on the OWL and RDF standards.

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