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16 May 2015 08:00

Common skin disorders in canadian skin

Although skin benefits from maintaining good nutrition, circulation, and external care, there are situations where your skin may have a disorder that good skin care can’t prevent. Many skin disorders are caused by underlying medical disorders and diseases, including: 1. diabetes 2. liver disease 3. heart disease 4. lupus 5. blood vessel diseases, such as arteriosclerosis 6. stress 7. obesity Interestingly, skin disorders are common among the elderly, so it is often difficult to tell normal aging changes from those related to a skin disorder. More than 90% of the elderly have some type of skin disorder. As the skin is the largest organ in the body, any disease that affects the body is very likely to have symptoms showing on the skin. Some dermatologic diseases are caused by medical diseases, and when the diseases are not treated the skin component of the disease can get worse. A good example of this is diabetes. If the diabetes is well controlled there are usually relatively few problems with the skin.

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