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26 June 2015 12:00

Body fat can be destroyed by freezing technique.

CoolSclupting is a body shaping treatment that freezes bad fat , and eliminates it naturally from body. No needles or special diet is required for this treatment. Bad Fat of your body is known as stubborn fat for a reason, because how much you try to eliminate it from your body it remains there and it is vitually impossible to loose fat from such following areas: 1. Muffin Top. 2. Love handles. 3. Mummy tummy. 4. Belly pouch. 5. Saddle bags. 6. Bra fat. In Coolsclupting only fat cells are destroyed leaving tissue healthy and intact. No incisions, scars, or invasive hoses. Once crystallized the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body in a few months, resulting in a smoother and less bulky appearance.

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