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17 July 2009

Making and Using Features in Drupal | Development Seed

Features is part of the answer to one of Drupal’s biggest headaches – what to do with all that loose site building and customization that happens on every project. Features is part of the answer to making stronger, better install profiles and targeted distributions of Drupal. And features is part of the answer to making Drupal more task oriented and less daunting to our users.

10 July 2009

The Development -> Staging -> Production Workflow Problem in Drupal | Development Seed

Anyone who has developed a relatively complex Drupal site will be able to vouch that, while launching a new site is relatively simple, continuous integration becomes very tricky once the site has actually gone live. This problem becomes especially pronounced when there is more than one developer on a project, and when the project is being built using proper development methodology.

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