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February 2008

What video game system should i own? ps3,Wii or xbox360?[PICT]

Before buying a console just look at the picture

May 2007

Xbox Live Spring Update Coming this week, Details Revealed

Microsoft has announced that the spring Xbox Live Update that features Windows Live Messenger, will most probably be available anytime this week. The update will be packed with several new features and bug fixes.

Virtua Fighter 5: Xbox 360/PS3 Graphics Comparison

Okay, so get this, Sega just released some new screenshots of the Xbox 360 rendition of Virtua Fighter 5, which is due out a little later this year.

April 2007

Eight Reasons Why the Xbox 360 Elite Isn't Elite

On April 29, Microsoft will release their third flavor of 360 ice cream -- the black Xbox 360 Elite. Let's not be coy; the reason in adding a third, more expensive 360 is solely due to the existence of the $600 PS3. Since the inception of game consoles, prices have traditionally dropped with age, not increased. But If Sony can sell 3 million "supercomputers" in five months, why can't Microsoft? The Elite was largely criticized when it was announced last month and still is today. So at the dawning of its release, GamePro presents eight reasons why the Xbox 360 version 2.0 is anything but elite.

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