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June 2007

UMPCPortal UMPC News, Specification and Comparison site

Below you'll see an overview of the UMPC products in the portal database. For more details use the Compare link which will open a new window. You can use the filter for as-you-type filtering.

May 2007

VoiceQuilt Personalized Gifts With Voice Messages And Recorded Voice Memories

With VoiceQuilt™, it's easy to show how much everyone cares. Simply sign up online and purchase phone time. Then, invite your group to call the toll-free number with greetings and memories. Select the best for a VoiceQuilt and download it for FREE.

April 2007

PChome線上購物 - 3C《Targus 電子聲響警報密碼鋼纜鎖》


ソフト - 中国語統合ソフトウェア[ChineseWriter9]


March 2007 Help: Answer

The images you upload will be converted to 150ppi (pixels per inch) if they aren’t already at this resolution. This means every 150 pixels in your image will become 1 inch when printed.

eBay Seller: dkshirts: Custom Clothing Jewelry, Specialty Services items on

At DK Shirts, ordering custom printed t-shirts and other apparel is as easy as 1-2-3!

eBay: 6 CUSTOM UNIFORM WORK SHIRT w/Your Name/Company Patches (item 260085146430 end time Apr-10-07 02:18:30 PDT)

Want to get a professional look for your company or business? Or maybe some cool custom shirts for your band, car club, bachelor party or special event? Or maybe just some funny shirts for you and your friends?

January 2007

July 2006



June 2006

歡迎光臨 HiTi 購物樂

2張一組的 ishow卡採用特薄的PVC卡(0.25mm)印製,結合誠研科技專業的相片印製技術,輕輕鬆鬆就能為你製作出高品質、高解析度的相片卡片。ishow卡並搭配超好撕背膠,讓你可以隨時為你的悠遊




專為網路拍賣 (個人對個人,C2C) 交易所設計的線上付款機制,讓買家可刷卡付拍賣貨款,只要買賣雙方有 E-mail 帳號,就可簡單快速且安全地收付款。

May 2006


ライフジェムダイヤモンドは、故人から抽出された炭素(ご遺骨・ご遺灰)から精製された、 高品質の鑑定書付きダイヤモンドです。

April 2006

小宇的天空 Yahoo!奇摩拍賣


PassLa 論文報告拍賣引擎

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PassLa 是一個 文字報告下載引擎,儲存了會員豐富的頂尖研究報告,檔案皆由會員精心研究撰寫完成,因此您在 PassLa 下載的所有檔案,在資料精確性及應用性將是您在學術研究上最佳的資料取?

March 2006



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