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May 2007 - Free community toolbar Builder in a Few Easy Steps

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Conduit puts the best of your website, as a community toolbar, on your users' browser.

April 2007

March 2007

CountUpRSS - ゆるめの目標管理ツール

プロジェクトの経過日数をRSSでお知らせしてくれるだけのシンプルツールです。「あれをやると決めてからもう○日か・・・」とゆるいプレッシャーを自分にかけたい人はご活用ください。 - Blog » coComment Enhancer

This plugin for Wordpress integrates the Javascript code needed to integrate your blog with coComment for all your visitors.

再談 coComment 及 Ajax Comment @ 天佑的自由天地

如使用 WordPress,最方便的方法就是使用 coComment Enhancer Plugin,如果喜歡自己動手改 code,可以在 comments.php 內加入以下的 code。

coComment - Join the conversation

by 60 others
coComment keeps track of all the online conversations you're following in one convenient place, and informs you whenever something is added to a conversation.

Subscribe to Comments 2.1 [ Tempus Fugit | ]

by 9 others
Subscribe to Comments 2.1 is a plugin that allows commenters on your blog to check a box before commenting and get e-mail notification of further comments.

34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Your Blog

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Thanks to everyone who has added their thoughts on why they unsubscribe from a blog’s RSS feed. There have been 109 comments left on that post so far and some interesting recurring themes have emerged.

February 2007

Badger: Badge Any RSS Feed With Yahoo! Pipes -

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Badger uses Yahoo! Pipes and JavaScript to create Web badges out of any RSS feed. Edit colors, change feeds, pages, and headlines, and pick up your source code at the bottom of the page.

MixFeed | ホーム : RSS配信・リミックスウェブ・WEB2.0

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RSSアイコン - 無料RSS画像・RSS作成サービス

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[RSS-ICON]はRSS用のアイコンをウェブサイト上で簡単に作ることができるRSSアイコン作成ツールです。 | Popular Music

by 8 others
Artists from around the world can post their music on iJigg. As listeners, you can vote or "Jigg" music that you like and directly influence the music that becomes popular!

January 2007

Download CompleteRSS 0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

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CompleteRSS is especially useful with WordPress 2.1 coming up, which never parses feeds past the <!--more--> tag!

ごちゃまぜRSSリーダーforPHP(UNIX / インターネット&通信)


RSS リンク集 - 便利なRSSのリンク集です


YOUR minis

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Use the awesome power and flexibility of Flash to display content you gather from all over the web in tabs, then share those tabs with the world by publishing them to the community.

Podcasting Directory:スペースアルク

ポッドキャスト番組って、たくさんありすぎてどれを聞けばいいのか分からない! という人は多いはず。ここでは英語学習に役立つポッドキャスト番組を厳選してご紹介します。

ケロログ | VOICE BLOG PORTAL - Podcasting対応/声によるウェブログ -

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Yahoo! JAPANがお届けする個性あふれる番組

Impress Watch 動画ニュース 萌えバージョン

Impress Watch 動画ニュース 萌えバージョンは iPod 対応!

Welcome to News Alloy (beta*) - Web Based Feed Reader, Mobile Feed Reader

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News Alloy is a free Web Based Feed Reader for discovering, reading, and sharing news and information.

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