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May 2007

Stars in You Celebrity Face Match

Has anyone ever told you that you look like a famous celebrity? Now it is easy to find your celebrity look alike. Just upload your picture and we will search the world for your celebrity face match... and it's FREE!.

Loupe.js (now with IE 6/7 support)

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Loupe.js and Loupe.png allows you to add a loupe (magnifier) to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. - TJPzoom 3 - JavaScript / CSS / DOM image magnifier

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If you move your mouse over the picture, you can see a little zoom window with a magnified version of a part of the picture in it.

April 2007

The Laughing Man Hacks You!

Automatically hiding human faces displayed on an image

Welcome to Invitr!

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Invitr introduces the only missing feature of the almighty Flickr. Invitr allows you to specify one (or more) private pictures to be shown to as many/little people as you want. Think of an extension of the Public, Friends, Family and Private status.

psynchr: 複数人が撮った写真をシンクロ!

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Snapter is a new way to scan documents. Just snap picture with your digital camera. Snapter makes it looks as if you scanned it!e - Image Redirection

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To avoid hot-linking an image, prepend before the URL. To show a thumbnail of the image, prepend before the URL.

2View - Notes

Create (flickr like) Notes for any image.

ZenPax » Gravatars2

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Gravatars2 is a WordPress plugin, modified from Skippy’s Gravatars with the following enhancements

March 2007 Help: Answer

The images you upload will be converted to 150ppi (pixels per inch) if they aren’t already at this resolution. This means every 150 pixels in your image will become 1 inch when printed.

Google Image Ripper v.0.2.0

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No more thumbnails, straight to the good stuff.

Snipshot | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

Edit any picture on the web with one right-click. The picture will be brought into the online image editor Snipshot where you can crop, resize, rotate or recolor it, then save it into a variety of formats or to Flickr or a free image host.

February 2007

Yuan.CC Flickr Experiments

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In Flickr, we can add notes on a photo to explan details of it. This scriptlet can display not only your flickr photo in your web page or blog, but also the notes you made on it.

Magazine: Create a customized magazine from your digital photographs

Make your own magazine cover! Be a superstar! Prove to your friends how famous you really are! All you need is a photo from that fancy digital camera of yours. Works with your photos hosted on Flickr or anywhere else.

January 2007

idGettr - Find your Flickr ID

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Use this tool to find your Flickr user or group id. Just enter the address of your photostream or group pool and it'll find the number for you.

flickr logo maker

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you can make flickr style logo.

PocketFlock |

PocketFlock is a portable version of the browser you love...Based on the official Flock releases and the Portable Firefox Launcer by John Haller, PocketFlock is just as stable as it's permanently installed parent and even includes a few extras to make you

August 2006

Picasa Web Albums - mac

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Use your Mac to upload photos! Now there are two ways to upload your photos to Picasa Web Albums -- from directly within iPhoto or using drag-and-drop from a standalone application.

July 2006



June 2006

Picasa 網路相簿

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有了 Picasa 網路相簿,您就擁有 250MB 的可用儲存空間,這可以讓您免費張貼和分享大約 1,000 張的相片。將相片放到網路上如此輕而易舉,您可能還想要更的儲存空間。只要每年付費美金25 元,?

April 2006

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