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May 2007

April 2007

ソフト - 中国語統合ソフトウェア[ChineseWriter9]


March 2007

Language Identifier – Polyglot 3000 :: Likasoft

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Polyglot 3000 is an automatic language identifier that quickly recognizes the language of any text, phrase or even single words. It is available for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.

August 2006

AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech: Demo

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TTS, short for Text-To-Speech, is the creation of audible speech from computer readable text.

May 2006


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March 2006


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やまとうた 和歌


死語どっとコム --- ShiGo.COM


Chinese Characters Dictionary Web

Find a character in any of the above dictionaries and you can follow the blue links, jumping between more than a dozen dictionaries spread across seven countries and four continents.

Open Dictionary

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Welcome to open dictionary, a collaborative project to produce a freely accessible multilingual dictionary in every language, with meanings, etymologies and pronunciations with the aid of the Wiktionary project.

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