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May 2007

Time to Go: a script to fight procrastination « Gan’s Homepage

In the last 10 seconds, a big, BIG count-down counter will appear to tell you it’s about time to go. If you really, really need a bit more time to stay, click the counter to “recharge” it for 10 more seconds.

April 2007

Lifehacker Code: Better Gmail (Firefox extension) - Lifehacker

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I've compiled the best Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail into one handy Firefox extension, called Better Gmail. After the jump, put your Gmail on steroids with Better Gmail.

Google Auto Pager –

When you do a google search and scroll down towards the bottom of search results, this script will seamlessly retrieve the next set of results and display them on the same page.

March 2007

GoogleでYahooを同時検索するFirefox拡張(逆も) :


GoogleTagCloudMaker –

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Make Tag Cloud from Google search result.This usr script enables you to find relative word of your search query!!So when you don't know about the word you search , the script helps you to seek the core meaning!

gAttacher~Gmailにオンラインストレージへのリンクを追加する~ - Malon,Inc


suVeneのあれ: [GreaseMonkey]PageConcater

ページ分けが細かすぎて面倒なところをくっつける GreaseMonkey 作った。とりあえず、俺がよく見るページで面倒なところは CNet, ITPro, MYCOM あたり。

silog - script/SBMCommentsViewer

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# firefox+GreaseMonkeyを使って、各種ソーシャルブックマークサービスのコメントをブラウザの下のほうに表示する

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