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May 2007 » Template freshy (Wordpress)

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Updated for wordpress 2.1 ! And 3 languages added : Spanish, Hungarian and Turkish.

Automattic Stats « Extend › Plugins

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Once it's running it'll begin collecting information about your pageviews, which posts and pages are the most popular, where your traffic is coming from, and what people click on when they leave.B

April 2007

Wordpress Theme Generator

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This online generator will create your own unique WordPress Theme. Without need for any HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.

UtomBox » Blog Archive » 4u Style for WordPress

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This theme is fourth theme, it’s building on Hemingway. Click this picture, you can get 4u demo.

ZenPax » Gravatars2

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Gravatars2 is a WordPress plugin, modified from Skippy’s Gravatars with the following enhancements

Breadcrumb Navigation XT — Software Guide

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Breadcrumb Navigation XT for WordPress 2.0.x and 2.1 adds a breadcrumb navigation to WordPress.

Tema Wordpress: ShinRa House Blu | ShinRa House

This is a blu version of the theme for Wordpress used in this blog, a single column with a top hidden menu. See README for optional plugins.

AdSense Wordpress Theme - Ads Minded » Latest Hi Tech News

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Nowadays, publishing contextual advertisement on Wordpress blog is nothing special. Hence, I had a thought of building a Wordpress theme with the consideration of publishing as many advertisements on the blog.

March 2007


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Bloxpress is an theme that acts as a plugin between your favourite theme and the Bloxpress system. Bloxpress enables you and your visitors to modify your website live by simply using drag and drop.

Digg 3 Columns WordPress Theme | WPDesigner WordPress Themes

Digg 3 Columns is an extended version of my Digg-like Wordpress theme (two columns). - Blog » coComment Enhancer

This plugin for Wordpress integrates the Javascript code needed to integrate your blog with coComment for all your visitors.

Subscribe to Comments 2.1 [ Tempus Fugit | ]

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Subscribe to Comments 2.1 is a plugin that allows commenters on your blog to check a box before commenting and get e-mail notification of further comments.

WP-chgFontSize Wordpress plugin » SDLC Blog

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WP-chgFontSize is a WordPress plugin that allows users to change dynamically the font size by adding a text or image selection on your blog. It also stores the user selection on a user’s browser cookie.

WordPress Wiki - On This Day

is a rather, rather loose adaptation of brad choate's plugin for MT basically, it spits back a list of posts you've written this same day in past years

/dev/movabletripe » Wordpress References Plugin

what this plugin allows you to do is create a list of your “source material” for a particular post, much like a quazi-footnotes type system.

February 2007

Priyadi’s Place » Blog Archive » WordPress Browser Detection Plugin

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WordPress web browser detection plugin. It provides a function that takes user agent string as a parameter and then return a descriptive string. It also provides another function for easy insertion in comment template.

Anaconda Theme

Anaconda Theme for WordPress 2.x blogs is a free next generation 3 column CSS based WordPress theme provided by us.

Simplr ·

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This is a new kind of theme: single column, single story. It’s the content, stupid. For WordPress 2.0+. Features include:

January 2007

Download CompleteRSS 0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

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CompleteRSS is especially useful with WordPress 2.1 coming up, which never parses feeds past the <!--more--> tag!

WordPress - add Adsense to your blog

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Adding adsense is pretty easy - copy and paste the code where you want the ads to appear.

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