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IDN Forums - International Domain Name talk & discussion

Welcome to IDN Forums the first English forum to focus on multilingual domain names. We are the top online resource for domain buyers & sellers who are entering the international domain name market.

March 2006



國際網址過期刪除大致流程 - 網域名稱俱樂部

一個網名過期後,它的註冊商有四十五天左右的猶豫期,此時顯示的文字為registrar hold。之後,就轉變成REDEMPTIONPERIOD,意思是補救期或寬限期,此一期間為三十天。 - Domain name registration and transfers for $8.88 and less.

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We Offer Cheap Domain Registration with FREE E-mail, URL Forwarding.


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The Registration & Deletion Cycle

This chart illustrates the typical deletion cycle for .com, .net .org and .info only. There are exceptions which are not covered by this diagram.



Google 應用服務網站版

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現在您可以為所有使用者提供附有私人標籤的電子郵件、即時訊息和日曆工具,讓他們可以更有效率地表達意見並完成各項工作,各項服務完全免費。 您也可以設計並發佈機構的網站。

Windows Live Custom Domains

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您可以輕鬆建立屬於您網域名稱的 Windows Live 帳號;此帳號可以讓您使用所有的 Windows Live 及 MSN 服務,而且完全免費。

DNS Report

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This site will provide you with a DNS report for your domain (56 tests are run per DNSreport). A very large percentage of domains have DNS problems; this site will help you find those problems and fix them.

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