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August 2005

Solid Steel

by 1 other
-> heart love 01'27

April 2005

March 2005

SONORAMA (Ethiopiques)

Psychedelic desert instrumentals from the "golden age" of Ethiopian pop music, dating from 1969-74. Most are performed by jazz legend Mulatu Astatque, a unique and innovative bandleader, composer, arranger, and melder of international influences including Arabic, Caribbean, jazz, and Spanish music with Ethiopia's own rich musical traditions.

February 2005

pop levi

what do you expect from an ex hair-model and ice cream van driver? great support from The Emergencies

The Others - The Others Album - NME

the others - guerilla gigs. what happens when a charismatic leader takes 152 underage fans to an underground passageway or a polish cultural club while a former polish president is having dinner upstairs... over hyped?

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