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November 2007

Earn Money Participating In Online Surveys – Here’s Your Invitation!

I recently found an only market research company offering legitimate rewards for participants. All you have to do is take online surveys and give your honest opinions on specific topics and/or products

September 2007

Visual Web Developer and ASP.NET 2.0 Best Books

learning ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web developer? Here are descriptions, reviews and advice for the 5 books I recently bought. These are my first hand reviews, after running out and buying the books I wanted to guide me to become a professional ASP.NET 2.0 web developer.

ASP.NET 2.0 Vs. Everything Else

A few months ago I began learning ASP.NET using Visual Web Developer and the tools that come with it. ASP.NET 2.0 is a web application frame work, created by Microsoft and used to develop dynamic website applications. This language is the alternative to PHP for website development.

Freelance to Small Business Essentials

Are you a freelancer? Are you currently working an in house job, while doing freelance work on the side hoping to some day make it your full-time gig? If you are, you should seriously consider starting/establishing yourself as a small business in order to get tax breaks, increased profit and an organized system for earning money.

June 2007

Free Work From Home Online Tools: One Minute Millionaire

Now, I'm going to tell you about MORE FREE online tools for working from home as a freelancer. It really is amazing how many free resources are out there, and what great help you can find that might make the difference between your freedom and income!

Tools for Starting a Small Business

If you're a freelancer, there are "benefits" that come with working for yourself, and I'm not talking about just health benefits and paid vacation. Just like there are benefits for working for a company that entail taxes, write offs, etc.. But, in order to qualify for these benefits, you have to establish yourself as some kind of small business entity.

Careers Writing Online

A career writing online can be accomplished by almost any type of writer. This is because there is a need for online writers, that exponentially increases each day. If you're a freelance writer, and aren't sure whether or not you want to delve deep into the under-web world of web writing, here is some more information to get you started.

Make Money Displaying Job Feeds: Indeed

Indeed is a program that takes job feeds from all over the web, and brings them together for hopeful job seekers. They have an incredible program for bloggers or website owners to earn money displaying the indeed job feeds on their website. Great Pay Per Post Program for Bloggers

A new paid to post program for bloggers is It's a promising new paid to post program, that offers bloggers and advertisers new opportunities

Best Free CSS Templates

I have accumulated some great resources for FREE CSS templates, and just wanted to share them with you. Now, don't think you can only use templates if you are new to web designing. Templates are great for newbies and experienced designers, because you can always customize them to your liking, while learning new tips and tricks for layouts.

News About Internet New Media & Technology: New Microsot Photosynth: 3 dimensional Outer Photo Space

Microsoft has this cool new gadget called Photosynth. It takes a large collection of photos from you or other areas of the web that relate to one particular space or setting.

Google Maps And The Big Brother Controversy

Google Maps recently came out with this nice little add-on gadget to the Google maps tool called, "street view." Basically, it allow any viewer to see a street view, hence the name, of the exact location they are looking for. What does this mean to the naked eye public?

May 2007

Dynamic Dreamweaver Tutorials and Books

If you're an experienced web designer, or new web designer, you are probably familiar with the term, "Dynamic Website." If you aren't familiar with this term, time to get familiarized!

Freelance Professional: Making Money From Home: Work From Home Story: Before The Blogs

I'm going write about my journey, from start to finish, working from home. It isn't just a personal story and journey, it's a sure fire guide and way to become a full time freelance professional. I will make sure to include specific examples and how-tos for ensuring each reader's success. Believe me, it is possible! Ready? Here we go...

Freelance Professional: Making Money From Home: My Work From Home Journey: All Secrets Revealed

After writing endlessly on ways to make money from home, I realized that their are numerous blogs and websites already covering paid to post opportunities, online writing opportunities and other work from home opportunities. That is why, I'm going to start a very long series on my experience trying to earn money from home. You can enjoy reading my personal story, while taking the first hand advice, strategies and tutorials from what I have learned through years of experimenting with ways to earn income online.

April 2007

Freelance Writing Opportunities: Multiple Earning Streams!

I have recently come across an incredible website that offers multiple ways for writers to earn money through submitting articles, reviews and posting. With the many paid to post opportunities out there, and adsense revenue sharing sites like Orble and Gather, this site offers EVERY method of earning, all at one time and on each writing assignment you post!

March 2007

Web Development Community Site: Website Review is a web development community that has over 25,000 members and offers many benefits for web designers, web programmers and programming applications specialists. I am wondering why I haven't been to this site before, as it's sometimes very difficult to find like minded individuals with an interest in programming and web development when I have specific questions with my web design projects.

Freelance Professional: Making Money From Home: Freelance Writers: Choosing Freelance Communities

Freelance writing has evolved into a very lucrative career because of all the media outlets available to make money online and showcase your freelance work. is a freelance community site offering opportunities to freelance writers, freelance web designers, freelance graphic designers, freelance bloggers and all types of freelancers! It's a brand new site, but it is growing and has a lot of promise.

Freelance Writing: Online Portfolio Guide - Associated Content

Most freelance writers are self motivated, talented individuals; otherwise they would never aspire to work for themselves in such a competitive business. But, there is no easy way to communicate this fact effectively to potential clients, without offering them an online portfolio and/or online identity for you and your work.

Freelance Professional: Making Money From Home: Setting Up Online Store: EBay and Beyond!

Are you interested in starting an online store? Do you already have an E-Bay store and want to expand your business? If you are a business owner and you're not utilizing the web to sell products, or you're an entrepreneur and trying to find ways to make m

Niche Designer | Web Design Resources | CSS tutorials | Graphic Design News | FOR U: 03/01/2007 - 04/01/2007

If you're a freelance web designer, newbie or not, you have probably created websites for small businesses. Although web design and web development is a specific field and service, building a website for a small business and building a website for a large

News About Internet & Technology | for geeks of course: Digital Film Technology For Movie Theaters...It\'s About Time!

Warner Bros. Entertainment and a company called Digital Cinema Implementation Partners are proposing a new system, where films would be delivered to theaters via satellite and also delivered sooner than what is typical. The system would give theaters a lo

Joomla CMS: Tutorials, News, Guides, My Story: Joomla E-Commerce Extension: VirtueMart

I've tried some other E-Commerce extensions, AdsManager for one, and it doesn't even compare to this great solution for an online store. First of all, VirtueMart comes with many ways to customize your store, and customize each product, and customize each

How to Set Up Your Free Money Making Website

How to create your Free website, using all free resources: free hosting, free domain name and free open source software. Step by step instructions on how to begin your website set up and also how to implement your own blog, forum, community site, etc. usi

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