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December 2005

Shanghai China | Christmas Eve | Chengdu Travel

It was supposed to be a Christmas performance we were going to attend. It turned out to be a disco with X-mas decoration.

October 2005

Bird Flu | My First Face Mask | China

Is it panic slowly creeping in? I don’t know but slowly I am getting the feeling that Bird Flu might become a bigger problem than I at first envisioned.

Shanghai China | Kunming

subjective overview of food and drinks in Kunming

September 2005

Shanghai News | The Best Tidbits of the Day

Traffic is hot here. New subway lines are being build while cars are doing their best to clog up every road there is. I remember being on my way to the airport a few weeks ago and actually being .....

July 2005

Bar Rouge | Shanghai Bar Review

The terrace of Bar Rouge, part of Bund 18, is a good spot

June 2005

A Week Full of Bashing

The Chinese blogosphere has been tortured lately with some heated debates about China bashing, Japan bashing, foreigner bashing and whatever lays ready to bash. It all started so innocent.

May 2005

Two Powers Look into Each Other's Eyes

I was reading yesterday's Hong Kong Standard when I came across this picture. The caption read ...

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