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28 April 2005

25 April 2005

21 April 2005

IEEE Spectrum Careers

Why treating your employees fairly, trusting your instincts, and documenting everything are essential to a start-up's survival

IEEE Spectrum Careers

Bring a new product to market is never as calm and orderly as the textbooks lead you to believe

IEEE Spectrum Careers

Your first hires are the most crucial. Don’t screw it up

VentureBlog: The Internet And the Death Of 80/20

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The 80/20 rule is a rule of thumb every startup should know. Economizing on time, management effort, and money has to be second nature.

20 April 2005

18 April 2005

Nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship | CNET

entrepreneurs must also focus on less dramatic aspects of running a company

How to Forecast Growth at a Startup

An easy-to-follow guide to forecasting revenues and expenses during the startup stage of your business

16 April 2005

The Art Of The Start::The Art Of Starting

I am going to give you an overview, a "big picture" view of starting a company. | Finance | Bootstrapping: The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

If you look at all start-ups, less than one percent get VC funding. Most are launched with less than $20,000.

15 April 2005

11 April 2005

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