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March 2007

January 2007

Wanna some radioactive batteries?

As it turned out, the wave of marauding in Chernobyl Zone is blazing up again.The ‘ablution’ of Pripyat town is going by plan. Our enterprising citizens, remembering their pioneer competition with scrap metal collection, think of this process without haste. The central heating battery were cut and placed orderly in yards beforehand. My grandmother has wonderful cast-iron frying pan. Everything, that is cooked on it is very delicious and smells like childhood. This frying-pan has already become charred and black from long-term usage. Grandma wants to buy new one, not recognizing Teflon and other modern technologies. And something tells me that I should immediately dissuade her from this purchase. If she buys that same frying-pan with hot particles? Is this paranoia? Or not? Don’t you accidentally plan to change your radiators?