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Anycool 2 SIM телефоны


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Китайцы начинают завоевывать мир. Как ни крути, нравится это кому-то или не нравится, но фактически весь мир уже ими покорен. Хваленая американская экономика дает сбой за сбоем - банкротятся крупнейшие предприятия и банки страны.



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Shilpa Shetty and James Bond

Daniel Craig, better known as the latest James Bond, has already started to get some serious skiing lessons to prepare himself for the next Bond installment. It is therefore only natural that everybody is now wondering who the Bond Girl is going to be.

Katrina Kaif

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The rumour that is currently doing the rounds of Bollywood circles is that superstar Salman Khan has finally decided to tie the knot with Katrina Kaif . Though his family is reluctant to give any clue but family insiders claim that Salman is mulling over tying the knot with Katrina around Christmas time this year.

If Elvis were still alive today...

If Elvis were still alive today and wanted to mount another comeback special