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13 March 2007

11 March 2007

07 March 2007


Administration of project pripyat .com. Materials about: Pripyat ...

05 March 2007



26 February 2007

24 February 2007

22 February 2007

Chernobyl Tour

(She has never been on a motorcycle inside Chernobyl. If you notice, the pictures including her bike stop when she gets to the access control point. They did NOT let her in....) - Publications. Materials about: Pripyat, Chernobyl accident

17 February 2007

15 February 2007

г. Припять

Форум сайта г. Припять. Споры, дискуссии, обсуждения, наблюдения, обмен опытом, фотографии - все темы о Чернобыльской зоне отчуждения

26 January 2007

Flickr: Photos Chernobyl-2

Fly helicopter near Chernobyl-2 . A cantonment Chernobyl-2 is in the forest Aerial complex of the radio-location station. Fly helicopter near Chernobyl-2