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Facebook Developers | Resources

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Facebook has been developed from the ground up using open source software, and we are proud to give back to the open source community through various open source projects.



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This script adds to the Google results page last marks wich have tags similar to the terms searched in Google.

AMP Font Viewer - Complete font manager: view, organize, install, delete and print fonts lists (TrueType, OpenType and Type 1) - AMPsoft

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This program is an easy to use but powerful font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts. - The best file hosting service!

by 18 others is the leading dedicated hosting provider of services that allow secure file sharing. All files are hosted on powerful and stable linux dedicated servers and available for downloading 24/7.

Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine

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Rollyo puts the power of Yahoo! Search in your hands, by giving you the tools to create your own personal search engines - with no programming required.

le Staff Blog

Un blog sur lequel vous trouverez pleins de tools utiles ou d'info nouvelles.


Bot A Blog

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Bot A Blog is a free service where "bots" send you simple text e-mails when your favorite blogs are updated and new entries are added.


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Comment optimiser son PC facilement et rapidement en quelques astuces

Airtight Simpleviewer

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SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewing application.

Andrew Berg's Flash Photo Browser

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Because everything else i found was too big or too small

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