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29 November 2005

AllPeers MediaCenter

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AllPeers Transforms Firefox into a Web 2.0 Development Platform

Pluck RSS Reader

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RSS offers an easy way for you to be alerted when new content appears on your favorite websites and blogs. Just check your Pluck RSS Reader and see all the latest content, all in one place. Choose from our free software downloads for Internet Explorer or Firefox, or sign up for Pluck Web Edition. Pluck is adware-free, spyware-free, and just plain free.

23 November 2005

Windows-Tools on CD-ROM (or USB stick)

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Having created several bootable Windows CD-ROMs with Bart's PE Builder, I thought how nice it would be if I could use some of the plugins on running systems (i.e. without having to reboot). So in spring 2004 I started searching the Internet for useful utilities that can be run directly from CD-ROM. My focus is on diagnostic, network and security tools.