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December 2006

OldApplications can be found here

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Now Providing more than 2260 Old Versions of 166 programs

October 2006

Software -

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This is exclusive software developed by us in-house. None of our software contains spyware or adware of any kind. Some of the programs require you to sign up at our forum to download a free license key.

URL Snooper - Mouser - Software -

This is the official homepage of URL Snooper, a program written to help users locate the urls of audio and video files so that they can be recorded.

September 2006

August 2006

PDF CHM eBooks - Software groups

Books Catalogue Team SOFTWARE GROUPS

Welcome to our Free web directory

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Issues | Free Software Magazine

Free Software Magazine is the only magazine worldwide that is dedicated to the promotion of free software as a whole. We publish high quality articles that are free to read and download. We review free software related books. Our aims are: * to promote free software and its use; and * to educate the global community in the use of free software. Download the whole issues of Free Software Magazine as PDF file

May 2006

The Great Software List, A-Z

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The Great Software List is an advocate of great software and ignores mediocre software. The Great Software List is composed of high quality programs that share most or all of the following features:

February 2006

JAP -- ANONYMITY & PRIVACY :: Anonimity is not a crime

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JAP makes it possible to surf the internet anonymously and unobservably. Due to recent events, we would like to be sure to point out, that the JAP software is in development and therefore does not yet offer maximum protection.

Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software

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Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. Automatic graph drawing has many important applications in software engineering, database and web design, networking, and in visual interfaces for many other domains.

Easy Message - the ultra-lite instant messenger for MSN, AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo!

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The ultra-lite instant messenger for MSN, AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo. - Unlimited instant messaging on MSN, AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo. - The smallest instant messenger with a download size of 240K. - Get the fastest connections without using excessive system reso

Combine 3 Free Tools for a Complete Windows Registry Fix

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Think the Windows operating system is expensive? Wait till you heap on the additional costs for the third party software required to secure it, including virus scanners, spyware checkers and firewall managers. If you still have something left in your budget, you may want to shell out for registry cleaners... or not, if you can get them for free.

January 2006

Le blog de

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Blog essentiellement consacre a l'actualite informatique et l'internet. Bonne revue de logiciels, dont beaucoup de freewares.

Tail XP

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> Ever wanted to follow a log file, capture debug messages or monitor syslog?

December 2005

*** ***

Vous trouverez ici, je l'espère, les infos et les logiciels néceswares à l'utilisation de Windows! Je m'appelle Gilles Lucato, je suis à Montpellier et je compte vous faire profiter des conseils que je dispense tous les jours aux amis, aux collègues de travail et aux entreprises de la région LR... à travers des sites comme Transferts LR, Clusir LR, Pole TiiM.

The Regex Coach - interactive regular expressions

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Logiciel avec interface graphique pour pratiquer les expressions regulieres

November 2005

AllPeers MediaCenter

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AllPeers Transforms Firefox into a Web 2.0 Development Platform

Pluck RSS Reader

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RSS offers an easy way for you to be alerted when new content appears on your favorite websites and blogs. Just check your Pluck RSS Reader and see all the latest content, all in one place. Choose from our free software downloads for Internet Explorer or Firefox, or sign up for Pluck Web Edition. Pluck is adware-free, spyware-free, and just plain free.