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iFixit: The free repair manual

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Active dans le monde entier, la communauté « IFixIt » montre comment réparer soi-même ces appareils pour ne pas devoir en racheter un nouveau chaque année. Free Repair Manuals We make it easy for you to fix things yourself with our online step-by-step repair guides, troubleshooting tips, and thriving community of repair technicians who want to help. Or, check out our teardowns — sneak-peeks inside the latest gadgets. Fix the Planet Repair is recycling! The best way to keep electronics out of landfills is to keep them working longer. Toxic electronic waste is a global problem that we are working to solve. Self repair saves you money and helps the environment! Help us teach repair What if everyone had access to a free repair manual for everything they owned? That's our mission. Share your knowledge and help us fix the world. We sell parts We fund our mission of helping people fix things by selling useful service parts and tools.

Super Grub Disk

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Rescatux Fixes GRUB Fixes GRUB2 Rebuild Debian/Ubuntu grub menues Check and fix filesystems Fixes Windows MBR Blank Windows password Boot Info Script ~ 303 MB Size Super Grub2 Disk Boots into many systems and GRUB2 ones! ~ 1.44 MB Size


Laptop Repair Help

Laptop and Notebook Repair and Troubleshooting Tips. Laptop repair guy helps to find and fix the problem.


Laptop Repair - What You Need To Know To Repair Laptops!

We'll show you step by step instructions for replacing components, photos for jobs that are specific to a particular make of machine, guides to help you troubleshoot problems on your laptop, fixes for commonly encountered issues on different makes of machines and piles of good laptop repair info!


Boutique eBay - iPAQ : PDA, iPAQ screen, LCD

At you can save up to 75% on a wide variety of hard to find PDA parts. No reason to look any further. CHECK OUT OUR FIXED RATE SHIPPING RATES OF ONLY $6 DOMESTIC or $21.50 International! We are the best solution for PDA parts in the world! We now have iPOD Parts at the best prices!

La console de récupération

'Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir' dit l'adage. Il existe des cas où la réparation d'un système ne peut pas se faire par les outils habituels "Le mode sans échec ou l'invite de commandes" ne réparent pas tout malheureusement. Dans la série des outils Windows, la console de récupération fait partie de la panoplie que chacun devrait installer sur son disque dur. Pour récupérer votre système d'exploitation lorsque votre ordinateur ne démarre pas correctement ou ne démarre pas du tout, vous pouvez installer et utiliser la console de récupération de Windows. C'est un des outils ultimes pour éviter le "formatage annoncé" quand plus rien ne fonctionne correctement.

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