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December 2006

Code Snippets

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Snippets is a public source code repository. Easily build up your personal collection of code snippets, categorize them with tags and share them with the world.

HTML Playground, html, css reference by example

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Please select a tag from the Tag List window and after this click on the highlighted elements in the Example Code window.

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* Ajax (2) * Base (4) * common (2) * CSS (4) * DOM (9) * General (11) * HTML (2) * Humour (5) * IE7 (15) * JavaScript (34) * moz-behaviors (2) * onload (5) * packer (3) * Site (8) * WaSP (4) * Web Forms 2.0 (3)

slayeroffice - web experiments gone horribly awry

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This is where I house all of my various experiments with javascript, the DOM and all other things web related. Have a look at all the stuff down the column over there. Everything from tools to games and a ton of useless eye candy widgets can be found, and all of them are free. All I ask is that if you use any of it on your site that you give credit where its due by leaving any code comments you find in tact and linking back to slayeroffice if you are so inclined.

slayeroffice | Javascript Object Tree Favelet

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This will overlay your current document with a DIV element containing a collapsed list of all the javascript object types currently referenced by the page, from functions to strings to booleans and all else that falls between. Clicking the object type - for example "function", will expand a new list with all of the function names. Clicking one of the function names will expand into the function's body.

Firebug and the Command Line

JavaScript Command Line The command line is one of the oldest tools in the programming toolbox. Firebug gives you a good ol' fashioned command line for JavaScript complete with very modern amenities.

EchoEcho.Com - Web Hosting - JavaScript Tutorial - HTML tutorial - CSS Tutorial - Flash Tutorial - Online for free!

EchoEcho.Com is your one stop free help site for all things web related. Use the top links to jump between 1000 pages. Visit our forum for online help with your site. Read D-zine articles to learn design principles.

JavaScript Kit- Comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS tutorials and over 400 free JavaScripts!

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Scripts | JavaScript Tutorials | JavaScript Reference | DOM Reference | Applets | DHTML | Design : * Free JavaScripts * JavaScript Tutorials * Free Java applets * DHTML/ CSS Tutorials * Web building tutorials * JavaScript Reference : DOM Reference, CSS Reference

Aptana: The Web IDE

Aptana is a robust, JavaScript-focused IDE for building dynamic web applications. Highlights include the following features: * Code Assist on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages, including your own JavaScript functions * Outliner that gives a snapshot view of your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code structure * NEW: FTP/SFTP uploading, downloading and synchronization * NEW: JavaScript debugger to troubleshoot your code * Error and warning notification for your code * Support for Aptana UI customization and extensions * Cross-platform support * Free and open source licensed under the Eclipse Public License, v1.0.

November 2006

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The XML User Interface Language (XUL) is a markup language for describing user interfaces. With XUL you can create rich, sophisticated cross-platform web applications easily. Tutorials * Main Tutorial * Developer Guide * XUL Questions References * XUL Reference * Object Reference * XPCOM Reference

Yahoo! Developer Network Home - Welcome!

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# JavaScript Developer Center # Flash Developer Center # .NET Developer Center # PHP Developer Center # Python Developer Center # Ruby Developer Center


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A service that lets you program in different programming languages online. Registered users can save files on site and communicate between users.

JSLint, The JavaScript Verifier

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JSLint un interpreteur JavaScript en ligne mais pas seulement ! En téléchargeant le fichier approprié, vous pourrez vous en servir avec WSH (Windows Script Host), Rhino et même Konfabulator. :: RSS Software - RSSlib, RSS2HTML, RSS2JS, Atom2RSS (Atom to RSS), Ebay2RSS (eBay to RSS), and RSS Readers

Software : * RSSlib : this library allows you to add RSS content to your site (PHP or ASP). * RSS 2.0 feed generator : with these free scripts you can create your own RSS feed (for PHP or ASP).

RSS Scripts Directory

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-> RSS2HTML - free PHP script for dipslaying RSS feeds as HTML web pages. -> FutureRSS - PHP script for dipslaying only current RSS feed items. -> rss2html Cache - module to speed up the display of RSS feed items. -> RSSmesh - merge multiple RSS feeds into a single feed. order feedforall -> SQL2RSS - create RSS feeds from an MySQL database. -> RSS2HTML Pro - create RSS feeds from an MySQL database. -> RSS2SQL - create database from RSS feeds.

Free Online Computer Books, Download Free Computer Ebooks and Online Programming Books

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Free J2EE books Free Java books Free .NET books Free C# books Free VB.NET books Free ASP.NET books Free MS-Office books Free Ajax books Free XML books Free C++ books Free C books Free Web Design books Free PHP books Free Python books Free Perl books Free SQL books Free Programming books Free Windows books Free Linux books Free Unix books Free FreeBSD books Free IT books Free Revision Control books Free Apache books Free Networking books Free Software Eng. books Free MySQL books Free PostgreSQL books Free Open Source books Free JavaScript books Free Security books Free Hardware books Free e-Learning books Free Smalltalk books Free Lisp books Free Computing books Free AI books Free J2ME books Free Assembly books Free Ada books

My Digital Life

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My Digital Life - Living Digitally and Electronically

Sysinternals Freeware

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The Sysinternals web site provides you with advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows internals that you won't find anywhere else. Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell alone write and update everything here. We welcome all suggestions and comments.

October 2006 :: Quick API Search

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The most comprehensive API collection on the web

ProgrammableWeb: Mashups and the Web as Platform

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ProgrammableWeb is where you can keep-up with the latest mashups, what's new and interesting with Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform in general. The core of the site is the blog and the 3 dashboards: Home, Mashups and APIs. All dashboards are updated daily.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

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HTML Tutorials - XML Tutorials - Browser Scripting - Server Scripting - .NET (dotnet) - Multimedia - Web Building

Free Programming Tutorial Books

Programming Tutorial Books by Herong A collection of free tutorial books on latest programming technologies. All books are based on Herong's personal experience and ideal for developers learning new technologies. Visual Basic Script Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes Java Tool Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Notes Herong's Tutorial Notes on JSP Herong's Tutorial Notes on JDK Herong's Tutorial Notes on PHP Herong's Tutorial Notes on Perl Herong's Tutorial Notes on ASP Herong's Tutorial Notes on Cryptography Herong's Tutorial Notes on Java Herong's Notes on XML Technologies Herong's Tutorial Notes on Web Service and SOAP Herong's Tutorial Notes on SQL Herong's Tutorial Notes on XSL-FO and XHTML Herong's Tutorial Notes on C# Herong's Tutorial Notes on Data Encoding Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set Herong's Tutorial Notes on JVM Herong's Tutorial Notes on Sorting Herong's Tutorial Notes on Swing Herong's Tutorial Notes on Unicode Herong's Tutorial Notes on Windows - the essential directory for application programming interfaces

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APIFinder is a growing index of various application programming interfaces (APIs). An API provides a set of instructions that you can use to make new software interoperate with existing applications. This site is also a place to share ideas and advice on how to use APIs in your programming. This site grows in part through community contribution so please submit your favorite APIs as well as articles and API-related projects today!